Our Mission and Purpose

The Keystone Bigfoot Project, as we know it today, was formed in 2016 from the merging of two research organizations in Pennsylvania; The PA Bigfoot Society and the Keystone Bigfoot Project. Both organizations had similar goals but principally researched in two very different areas of the state. In an endeavor to combine resources and leadership, the Keystone Bigfoot Project name was retained and a purpose was re-established.


The PA Bigfoot Society was founded in 1998 by Steve Anderson and Henry Benton, as an all-volunteer organization that conducted year-round field outings, group expeditions, and investigations mostly focused in Western Pennsylvania.


The Keystone Bigfoot Project was established in 2012 by Sean Forker and Ernie Delp as a long term research project aimed to catalog and document Bigfoot sightings and encounters in Pennsylvania, mostly North and Central parts of the state.


In 2016, with the expressed purpose to breathe new life and energy into both organizations, both merged members and leadership, forming the new organization - retaining the Keystone Bigfoot Project name. Our goals are focused on educating the public and conducting research investigations to document activity.


We do not advocate a “Pro-Kill” stance on the subject but do recognize a specimen may need to be collected for official classification. Our policy is to non-evasively collect evidence through audio-visual means and to collect secondary physical evidence such as hair, spoor, or casting artifacts. Our organization works closely with members of the scientific community to have this examined when possible.


The membership of our organization has individuals from both law enforcement and the scientific communities. Their expertise is shared with our members to enhance the overall professionalism of the team. Continual training is important to properly collect and preserve the evidence we seek.


As an organization, we believe in the free share of information. Together, working diligently, we can solve this mystery.