Potter County

August 24, 2004, near the town of Crossforks:
While fly fishing in Kettle Creek, just north of Crossforks, a man heard rustling in the brush about 20 yards downstream from him.  The fisherman saw a  large black figure standing about 7' high and about 4' feet wide. The creature turned and walked away up the mountain.  It had a 5' stride and walked very much like a man, however slightly different. 

June 28, 2002, near Crossfork:
While standing on a pipeline, a man witnesses two creatures cross the pipeline. One creature stood between 7 to 8 foot tall covered in dark grayish brown hair. The smaller creature followed behind and stood about 3 foot tall covered in dark hair. Could see arms swinging as the creatures walked.

March 2000, Galeton:

Two men camping hear strange cries and vocalizations.

January or Early February, 1994:
group of snowmobilers was just finishing a break when they noticed two upright Bigfoot creatures. It appeared to be a male and female walking across a field away from the witnesses. The female creature fell and the male helped it up and the creatures walked out of site.

May, 1973, 1:00 am, West Pike:
While camping with his wife, a man was awoken to 
the sounds of high pitched woman like screams that lasted for some time.  The man being an experienced outdoorsman could not identify the screams he heard.

April 1970:

On the first day of trout season, the witness sees a dark colored figure standing in a field watching the fishermen at the creek. Creature did not move, but the witness could see the hair that covered the creature blowing in the breeze.



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