McKean County

8/19/2014, in Bradford

After several strange incidents during the few years before this incident, a couple went for a walk in the woods to look for anything strange. At about 7:15 PM, they were sitting at the picnic table under a shelter resting from their hike. The woman noticed a leaf fluttering from the tree line across the pond. She then noticed a large,dark, hairy creature in the treeline looking at them at a distance of 55 to 60 yards. She could see the creature from the waist up as it was swaying back and forth. She described the creature’s face as "like a gorilla" with black leathery skin. She then told her companion to look and he briefly saw the dark creature swaying. It then stepped back into the woods and disappeared without a sound. When they were sharing the story they said they looked at each other and asked “Did you just see that?” because they were so surprised at what they had just seen. She shared that she was a skeptic before they started having encounters but now is a believer.

3/12/2014, in Smethport

Large tracks measuring 20" long by 14" wide were found in the snow. The tracks were near an area of powerlines & lasted for about 1 mile.  Hair samples were also found nearby.

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