Lycoming County

Sept 16, 2016, near Ralston. Early Afternoon:
While geocaching on an old loggers path, witness reports hearing very loud wood knocking. The sound was coming from the woods beyond a dirt road opposite his location. Witness continued on with geocaching, and when opening the metal box cache, heard a very loud “growl.” Startled and uncertain as to what direction the “growl” came from, the witness retreated back to their vehicle. 

After driving about fifty yards from the area, the witness observed a long-haired, dark brown figure, between 7-8ft tall, move right to left. The figure appeared to be standing on two legs, and then crouched down. The figure and the witness had an intense stare down from a distance of over 100 yards. Witness then left the area. 

April 24, 2016, near Cammal. Mid Afternoon:
The witness was sitting on a bench on the Rail Trail overlooking Pine Creek, at a small field on the base of the mountain. A large, black figure walked across the open field to a large tree. Witness grabbed his 10X field glasses and observed the figure watching him. This lasted about 20 minutes and he left to go home to fetch his camera. 

Sept 5, 2015, near the towns of Hillsgrove and Proctor:
This is a follow up by a friend of the earlier report. After hearing about his wife’s friends encounter, a man decided to conduct some tree knocks in the same area. Almost immediately, he received reply wood knocks. The man and his wife promptly vacate the area after they hear something large “walking” through the dry woods. 

Sept 3, 2015, near the towns of Hillsgrove and Proctor, Early Evening:
Walking on a mountain path, witness experiences a real intense musty smell, followed by softball sized rocks aimed at their location. 

August 2012, near State Routes 973 & 1006 between Montoursville and Barbours:
While in the area for work, the witness has a brief road crossing encounter of a large, bipedal dark brown colored creature in the early morning hours.

March 9, 2013, near Fry’s Turkey Ranch near State Rt 184:
Three young men experience intense vocalizations after attempting their own “whooping calls.”

June 25, 2009. Location unspecific:
While at a state game land wildlife observation point, a family of four claims they heard four distinct calls coming from the tree line about 400 yards away that they could not identify. Described as human-like, but different and very high pitched, which contained lower undertones. Also heard something similar to a yelping dog. No witness contact able to be made.

September 25, 2005, near Muncy:
Lady from Muncy has strange encounters around her home and the surrounding area. Rocks were thrown at her, followed by bipedal movement and heavy brush breaking. Also early one morning her garbage can was picked up and moved to an area in the woods, the lid was removed however no garbage was scattered to indicate bear activity.

July 1, 2005, off Rt 87 near the Loyalsock Creek and the Old CC Camp:
Reported directly to PBS Investigator Sean Forker. While dumping stone at an old camping area, a man witnesses two Bigfoot in his rearview mirror and catches a glimpse of one running across the road. The sighting occurred Near Rt. 87 along the Loyalsock Creek. Closest Town is Barbours.

August 3rd, 1997 near Nesbit
Big Run Area, 1 mile up from Susquehanna River 2 miles from River Road; Two hikers witness a Sasquatch while hiking in the woods.

1995 near Nesbit. Later Afternoon:
A woman sleeping heard a loud noise outside her home. When she got up to investigate, she looked out the bedroom window and saw a large creature standing by the front door. She watched it put its hand on the window. Then it looked around and walked off into the darkness.  The next morning she found a very large handprint on the window. She described the figure as very hairy, taller than the door and it was dark in color.

Nov. 1975, near Oregon Hill. Early Morning:
While scouting for deer, a man was hiking the wooded area hoping to photograph deer. He sat down on a fallen log when he began to hear branches breaking. He saw what he first thought was a bear I focused in on what I first thought was a bear walking along the stream. But then I saw it was walking upright and swinging its arms while it walked. The creature was very tall, hunched over...dark brown, long arms, big steps guessing it weighed over 300-400 lbs.

Undated. South Williamsport:
While hunting in winter with snow covered ground and witness describes hearing a large ruckus nearby.  They soon found several large foot and handprints.  They believe the Bigfoot may have also been hunting and struggling to kill a possible deer or other food sources. - PSA


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