Luzerne County

March 5, 2013, 3 am, on Route 118 near Rickett's Glenn State Park:

Driving home, a man is startled by a 8.5-9.5' Tall, dark colored creature cross the roadway in front of him in six steps. 


July 28, 2009, 9:30 pm, at the on-ramp to I-81 East and Route 28:
The witness was traveling home from working in Michigan.  He is a security officer for a large corporation and requested complete discretion in regards to his name and information being released.  Witness had pulled off the berm of the on-ramp the on right side to await storm's passing. Turned engine off and was just listening to Ham Radio. Storm started to abate and started the car and turned on headlights. Large creature/animal whatever 15+ yards from the front of the car. Windshield water obscured view somewhat. Creature twisted left toward the car and shielded eyes from headlights with left arm and hand. Turned away from the car and proceeded along the on-ramp for 4 steps and then turned right off the berm in a wooded area.  The height appeared to be over 6ft but difficult to judge since no reference points available. The color was a brownish shade but was wet and had a reflective effect in the headlights. Massive muscular legs. Hair covered feet. Appeared to have darker color toward shoulder area. Arm that was visible toward the car seemed to be emaciated compared to rest of the body but again distance and lighting was problematic and a light rain was continuing.  When the animal turned away from the car it appeared to have a V shaped light brown pattern on its back extending from the center of the lower back to towards to shoulders almost like a cape. It did not look back at the car but continued like it had a definite destination.   

January 2005, 1:00 am, Route 315 and I-81 near Wilkes Barre:
While on motor patrol, after 
snowstorm, an on duty officer discovered large footprints scaling a steep bank about 5 foot apart and measuring about 18 inches. Another set of prints joined the first and were about 12 inches, side by side. These were foot imprints, not shoes.

July 14, 2004,
 5:00 pm, Mocanaqua, near Saint Mary’s Cemetery:
A group of teenagers was searching the cemetery, looking for Bigfoot. They had heard it was seen in the area recently.  They claim they did encounter a 10 foot tall creature with brownish black hair. 

Mid 1990’s, near the Nanticoke (Mountains)
While camping, two men gathering firewood heard rustling in the bush. They knelt for a moment hoping to get a view of what was making the noise. When suddenly something started moving towards them at a fast pace. This area was very dense with brush and rugged terrain which made it impossible for a human to be running at such a high speed.  As it moved closer this creature made a 
sharp left. They followed the noise with their eyes, and the "animal" ran across the line of vision to where we could see the fire. The only thing the men were able to make out were two very large legs that bent at the knee, like a human running upright.

Early 1990's, 3 am, 10 miles outside of Tank, near I-80:

Along side a lake, while trying to build a fire, several people heard a loud scream that sounded primate-like, followed by something shaking a large tree. The group also reported a very bad odor. 

October 1984, 10 am, Mingle Inn Rd off Route 11, Shickshinny

A group of friends out bowhunting meet up on the main logging road in this area to plan their next moves. As the group split up and headed down the mountain to their truck, two of the men experience a very strong odor that hung in the air. No visual sighting was reported. After another 1/2 mile of walking, the smell was reported again.

October 27, 1984, Harveyville
A man and a woman were driving during the afternoon when the woman observed a tall, hairy creature walking near a barn. By the time they stopped and turned around, the creature had disappeared. 

May 1976, Suscon
A family was driving around a lake during the day when they saw four, hairy, erect-walking, figures varying from 8' to 10' tall. The creatures had long arms, large heads, no necks, and thick black hair. They waddled from side to side as if they were stiff-legged. 


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