Lawrence County

August 2004, 10:00 am, off Route 288, near Wampum
While riding his quad on an old overgrown path looking for signs of deer, the witness saw a 7 ft tall creature, approximately 30ft away. The witness believes he startled it as it was knelt down. At first, he thought it was a bear. It then stood up and started to jog away from him.  The witness high tailed it out of there and the creature chased him, running and screaming. 

May 16, 2003, north of New Castle, Route 60:
While driving on Route 60, a man witnesses a dark colored creature walk across the road in front of several vehicles before disappearing into a wooded area.

November 17-18, 2003, New Castle:
On November 17, a boy reported to our organization, that a group of boys reported a sighting to him of an 
8-foot tall hair covered creature standing by the side of a road. The creature smelled like wet dog. On November 18, the same group of boys reported another sighting of an 8-foot tall creature sitting on the side of the road. The creature again smelled of wet dog. Members of the organization investigated the report, spoke to the boy and his family. No evidence was found to support the claims. 

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