Lancaster County

June 23, 2015, Willow Street:
A woman observed, for the 2nd time, a 7 - 8 ft tall dark haired creature. It was swaying back & forth & appeared to be eating something. It was also making a tree move until it was no longer in view.

August 25, 2014, at Chiques Creek near Susquehanna River:
A fisherman heard a loud crash above his position near some railroad tracks.  After reaching the top, he made a whooping sound & then heard another crash & body shaking growl/scream.  He then left the area. 


September 9, 2004, near Lititz
Man claims that after watching programs on the Outdoor Life Channel, he decided to duplicate the program and broadcast alleged Bigfoot sounds into the wooded area behind his home. After broadcasting, he received several guttural screams like replies. 

April 12, 1999, Late Afternoon, near Route 10, Honeybrook:
While taking a walk to the neighbors’ house, the witness heard a strange noise and upon looking saw a creature crouched down and looking at him.  The creature suddenly stood up and walked off into the wood.  The witness described the creature as approximately 7 ½ feet tall, muscular and covered in light brown hair. 

Fall of 1981, Late Day, near Route 272, D
While driving a tractor in the field, a man saw something reddish brown in color
laying or sitting on the ground. When it saw the tractor it stood upright and walked along the wood line in the field then headed into the woods going towards the Susquehanna River.


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