Indiana County

July 2007, Afternoon, near Smethport:
A man and his son went fishing at one of the ponds on the game lands property. While returning from the pond, something on a ridge above them began throwing rocks at them. The father yelled at the individual to stop and it did.  It followed them out of the woods walking along the ridge above them. A few weeks later, the father returned to the area and saw a hair covered creature walking away into the brush. Since then, the man has had numerous encounters and has recorded a strange vocalization in November 2008. 

1995-1998, Whites Woods: 
A family reports hearing strange vocalizations in their mobile home park. In August 1998, the family heard the sounds outside of their mobile home and went to investigate. Upon approaching the source of the sounds, the unknown animal let off a heavy wet growl. The two men fled the scene. In the late fall of 1999, a loud deep moan came from a wooded area above the mobile home park. PBS members investigated but found no evidence of any large creature in the area. The wooded area above the park was also searched. It is a park and wildlife reservation. Tracks of humans, dogs, deer were found but no signs of large wildlife were discovered. 

December 1, 1992, Brush Valley
This sighting area was near an abandoned mining town. The area is rural, wooded, with strip mines and other old mines. The witness observed a 7 to 8 foot tall brownish-red colored, bi-pedal creature. It was walking about 50 yards from the witness. The creature emitted an odor like sewage or a sulfur like smell. The witness shot at the creature but missed. He only saw the back of the creatures head and that had an ape-like appearance. Its arms were long but not below the knee. 

October or November 1990, Dawn, near Ruffington Township
This sighting took place in an area were there are caves and ponds. A young high school student was asleep in his trailer when he was awoken just after dawn by a noise on the back porch. He climbed out of bed and walked to the kitchen door where he peered out the window. The witness saw a hairy, chocolate brown colored, ape-like creature standing on the porch. The creature was looking around the porch at the buckets and other items there. It had long muscular arms and legs, a high brow ridge and a cone-shaped head. The eyes were a dark brown color and it had a small flattened nose on its face. The face had black wrinkled skin partially covered with hair. The witness didn't notice a mouth or any teeth. His porch measured 6 1/2 foot and the creatures' head was within a few inches of the top. He didn't notice any unusual odors. After a minute or so the creature jumped from the porch and ran into the woods where it disappeared. As it was running, the creature was swinging its arms like a human jogger would. 

October 7, 1989 around 3PM, near Homer City
Four men were driving along Route 56 in rural Indiana County. According to one of the witnesses in the back seat, their car nudged a small rise on the two-lane, and the passengers saw a tall, hairy creature step from the right side and cross the road in 2 strides. The creature was an erect walking biped, at least 8 foot tall and completely covered with dark brown hair. The creature never turned to look at the automobile so the witnesses only observed it in profile. As a result, no one saw any facial detail. The creature's head was round and also completely covered with dark hair. One of the witnesses stated it didn't have a heavy chest or stomach. It was slim in stature and perhaps bent over a little at the waist. The strangest thing they observed was the way it walked in a stiff-legged and stiff-armed manner. It didn't seem like it bent its knees or elbows, even though it was taking tremendous strides. After pulling the car to the side of the road, the passengers climbed out of the vehicle and ran to where the creature disappeared. The area, however, was covered with thick foliage and the witnesses were unable to view the creature again. There was no detectable odor associated with the encounter. 

Summer 1978-1979, Afternoon, Coy Road just off Fire Academy Road in Homer City:
A young boy was staying with his grandmother while his parents were working.  As he looked out the back screen door, he saw what he thought was his grandfather dressed in a fur costume lumbering through the back yard towards the woods.  He asked his grandmother what his grandfather was doing and she came to the door, looked out side, pulled him away and shut the door quickly.  The last thing the boy saw before being pulled away was the thing climbing a pole for a bird house just at the edge of the yard.  The creature seemed the same size as a man, although it was covered in reddish brown hair, with slightly longer arms.  The creature seemed to sway from side to side as it walked. 

January 1973, Johnsonburg:
A man walking his dog in the woods observed a number of large footprints around high tension wires. 

September 13, 1973
A woman observed a huge, black creature sitting on an apple barrel on her porch eating apples. Her son fired twice at the creature as it ran into the woods. 

September 3, 1973
A woman observed a slumped over bipedal hairy creature. It was walking with long strides.

September 2, 1973
A man saw a giant, grey haired creature walking with a stride three times that of a human. 

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