Greene County

March 13, 2007, 5:14pm, Clarksville
A witness observes an 8ft tall, 600 - 700 pound, brownish-red creature. He heard a weird "screechy" deep pitched howl and noted a rotting smell in the air.

December 17, 2007, near Clarksville:
While out driving, two men claim they see something "big and hairy" - standing over 7ft tall. The men claimed the creature smelled badly and let out a loud screechy howl.

December 7, 2007, near Clarksville:
While walking along a creek, a couple teenage boys claimed they witnessed a 7- 8ft tall, 400 to 500 pound, creature with brownish-red hair, dark skinned, with dark eyes. It also had large hands and feet. They claim the creature had a terrible odor. It also howled and made a loud screeching sound. 

September 29, 2004, Nemacolin
A group of people claim they observed an 8 foot tall, 400 pound creature walking through the woods. They also claim to have discovered footprints and noticed a foul odor. 

2000, Dusk, near Kane Drive in Waynesburg:
Arriving home from dinner, a couple decided to go and check on their small orchard and garden. This area was surrounded by a six foot high chain link fence topped with barbed wire; to keep out the deer. As he approached the fence, the husband was shocked to observe "some sort of ape-like creature" in his tomatoes and zucchini. The man further described the creature to have stood around 6' tall, covered in dark brown hair and looked like a big chimpanzee. The creature gave one or two quick glances before noticing the witness. It then moved quickly, like an ape, utilizing its arms and legs for mobility, moved to the end of the enclosure, then climbed over the fence. It then disappeared into the woods. Later in the week, the gentleman was walking through the woods with his son, and found a densely overgrown spot from which a terrible odor emanated from. 

1987, Summer (Possibly August), 11:00PM, State Game Lands, Jackson Township

As they were out looking for animals late a night, a father and son have an unusual encounter. On this particular evening, the duo decided to play the calls of a rabbit in distress. Usually when playing this call, they attract raccoon, fox, or even deer. While playing the call this night, they heard brush rustling as if something was approaching them. The rustling was followed by a strange vocalization. The men describe the sounds as being fairly loud, low pitched and deep throated - as if it were coming from deep within the chest, and in agony. Branches started breaking, and the father shined his flashlight on the area. He then observed two orangish-red eyeballs, further apart than other animals. It was then they observed that this was an unknown creature to them. They further described it as having reddish-brown hair, a large hairy face, no nose and absent a neck. They stated the head sat directly on its broad shoulders. No odor or footprints were observed. From their vantage point, height was hard to determine as they were looking down onto the creature. The sighting last for about ten minutes. -Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson.

1983, Fall (September or October), Jefferson

While playing Hide and Seek in the woods, a group of kids report hearing strange noises. As they went to check out these noises, the kids observe an upright standing creature running away. At first the thought it was a bear until it continuously ran away on two legs.


September 1975, 6-7 pm, Cumberland, on Stringtown Road:

While out practicing their archery skills, two men encounter something moving behind their targeting area.

First noticed by the father, he tells his son to stop shooting. Together, they watched as the massive figure emerged from behind one of the targets. They described the figure as "massive, over 7-8ft tall, dark in color, and shaped as a well built, large human. It slowly approached the men, pausing between steps. The men ran to their cars and left the area. Further stops to the area have notated trampled grass and strange footprints.

1969, Summer, around 9:30pm, Greensboro along the Monongahela River:
Running through the woods, a child runs into a very hairy figure. It stood around 8 foot tall and was covered in long hair from head to toe, with an unforgettable smell.

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