Forest County

April 2012, near Cooksburg in the Cooks Forest:

Between 2:00-3:00 am, after an early morning rainstorm, a woman's dog becomes restless and insistent to go outside. As she takes the dog outside, she notices it's dead quiet outside. There was no wind and it was slightly foggy. Her dog went to the end of her porch and he suddenly stopped. He wouldn't go any further and just looked off towards the yard. She looks to the area the dog is staring and observes a large creature holding up the lid of her dumpster. She immediately recognized that this wasn't a bear. It's left arm was holding up the lid, while it's right arm was resting on the rim. The waist was about even with the top of the dumpster. Light from the security light allowed her to see the long hair hanging from its arm, which she described as "moss-like".


KBP Investigators Sean Forker and Ernie Delp traveled to the location to interview the witness. After building rapport with the witness, and after several more visits with her and her husband, they learned that they have experienced multiple visits and interactions for over 25 years. 


January 4, 2012, near Tionesta/Marionville:
A man driving north on Route 66 comes close to hitting a large hair covered figure that chased a deer across the road in front of his van.  Described the color as beige mixed with dark brown. The witness stated the figure took up entire windshield when it ran in front of the van.  - Courtesy of Stan Gordon.


December 17, 2011, 1145 pm Allegheny National Forest near the intersection of Forest Rd 256:
While sitting next to a campfire at the campsite while on a 4day hunting trip, A man Heard what he believed to be a single primate type animal making some kind of call almost as if it was disturbed by his presence. The hunter who stated he is very familiar with sounds of coyote and bobcat didn’t believe it was either. There was a large group of coyote moving through the general area but this was a single animal and positively not a canine, it was somewhat alarming to the point where he got out and kept it next to him for the rest of the night.  In the morning he searched for tracks, but an additional 2 inches of snow had fallen over night and covered everything. 

August 19, 2009, in the Allegheny National State Forest:
A family hears a tree fall over then followed by loud human like screams come from the woods about 100 yards from the camp site.

Summer/Fall 2002, East Hickory:
While camping, a husband and wife hear strange screaming coming from the woods late at night. Also, they report the distinct sound of something walking in the woods on two legs.


Summer 1982, Cooks Forest:

A husband and wife rent a cabin in the Cooks Forest and spend the night terrorized by an unknown assailant. Stones were thrown; pelting the cabin, the possible banging of appendages against the exterior walls, and a 30 ft tree was rolled against the side of the structure. 



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