Fayette County

May 20 - 26, 2013, Forbes State Forest:
A newlywed couple heard several unusual sounds coming from the forest near their camp. They heard the sounds two nights that week and described the sounds like a cross between ape-like sounds and a baby bear crying, however, the sounds were much louder, deeper and angry. 

May 16, 2013, near Gans:
A man was awoken around 3:00 AM to the sounds of loud screams outside his home in a wooded area.  

May 15, 2013, Northeastern Fayette County
While walking their dogs in a rural area near their home, a mother and daughter witnessed what at first they thought was a deer grazing in the field about 250 yards away. The creature then stood up on two legs and began to walk towards them. The dogs all laid down in fear and didn't move. The creature continued to walk towards the ladies until they fled in fear. 

January 2012, Late Evening, Southern Fayette County:
While driving home from work in West Virginia, a woman stated she saw a large creature on all fours near the guard rail at a bend in the road. As she got closer and the headlights hit the creature, it stood up on two legs and hopped over the guard rail, walked down the embankment and out of site. Her husband and son returned later that night and was not able to find any evidence.

August - September 2011, Forbes State Forest, at a construction site near Quebec Run:
A supervisor of an overnight security firm contacted the PBS by phone informing us of unusual sounds his security team was hearing almost nightly in the forested areas around the construction site during their nighttime patrols. The team claimed they would hear loud high pitched screams, howls, whoops, wood knocks and even deep guttural growls.


On September 8th in the morning, the supervisor contacted our organization to report he discovered the source of the sounds. While he was sitting in his pick up truck watching the property around 3:30 in the morning, he saw a creature staring at him from around the back of a power supply board on the edge of the property, approximately 75 yards away from him.  He watched the creature for several moments until it turned and walked away on two legs into the darkness.


The next night, September 9, 2011, PBS held a weekend investigation into the property and came away with some very interesting information and possible evidence to confirm the claims of the supervisor and his team. A small team consisting of Eric Altman, Shawn & Segrid Dennis and their sons, Ron Gallucci, Chuck McClain, and others investigated the location and heard several unexplained sounds.  


September 10, 2011, the PBS had numerous individuals attend their fall public expedition and the attendees hear numerous unexplained sounds consisting of whoops, howls, screams, growls, brush breaking and movement in the surrounding forest, along with wood knocks. Some of the sounds were recorded.

June 8, 2011, 12:00 am, Brownsville:
A woman emailed the PA Bigfoot Society and submitted 7 photos.  She told us of her brother in law and a friend who were target shooting in a remote area outside of Brownsville. While there, they witnessed a small herd of deer quickly exit the woods as if being pursued by something. They also reported a foul musky odor in the air.  When the men went over to investigate the area where they saw the deer, they discovered large barefoot human shaped tracks measuring 13 inches long. They stated the tracks went on for hundreds of yards before turning into the woods. The tracks headed off away from where the men were shooting, deeper into the remote area. They walked along the dirt trail away from the parking area.  


Later that afternoon On June 8, 2011, PBS Investigator Chris Brinker arrived on site to investigate. He met the witness and was able to see a few tracks before being chased back to his truck by a severe thunderstorm which included high winds, heavy rains, and hail.  When the storm had passed he returned and the tracks he saw had been washed out.   On June 11, PA Bigfoot Society Investigators Eric Altman, Chris Brinker,  Joyce Long, Shawn Dennis his wife, and Independent Researchers Terrie & Michael Mazagetti, returned to the site on June 11, 2011, at 10:00 am for a follow-up investigation. 

June 14, 2010, Dunbar
During the night, two teenage girls see something walk by the bedroom window.  They look out the window to see a large human-like figure walking across the yard and headed into the wooded area.  

June 12, 2010, Dunbar /South Connellsville:
While fishing along the wooded bank of the Youghiogheny River, a fisherman claims he encountered a person who had just sighted a Bigfoot while walking along the trail.

June 2, 2010, Dunbar:
Approximately 3:00 am two women claim to hear noises of something walking through a small wild apple orchard. Upon shining flashlights, they state they see a large shaggy and dirty brown creature trying to hide behind trees.


Fall 2005, Normalville Poplar Run:
A man inside home saw a creature walk past his truck that parked outside. When he went for a better look the creature had disappeared.  A few days later the man’s nephew claimed he heard screaming coming from behind his house and from an opposite wooded hillside. 

February 2010, Dunbar:
The PBS received a second hand report of a snow plow driver who observed a large figure standing along the roadway and assumed it was a human dressed in dark colored clothing. He slowed down to avoid hitting the figure and stopped next to it. The driver described the figure as dark colored, covered in hair.  It stepped over a four foot high snow bank, then over the plow as it crossed the road in front of his truck, and then disappeared from sight.

January 28, 2010, Dunbar
In the late afternoon, a woman passenger in a car sees a creature walk up an embankment from a creek, cross over a dirt logging road and continue up the embankment on the opposite side. They stopped to watch the creature and when they returned later they found no evidence. This location is less than ¼ mile from the January 17 report.

January 17, 2010, Dunbar:
At approximately 9:00 pm in the evening, A Father and son driving on a back country road encounter a creature coming out of a culvert on the right side of the road, crossing in front of their truck and up an embankment on the opposite site into the thick briars.  The father, son and family members return shortly after and discover large human like footprints in the snow and one individual claims to have found strange hair in the green briars. Upon investigation, no evidence was found or collected.

September 23, 2009, Evening, near Dunbar:
A mother and daughter were out for a drive on the back mountain roads. They decided to turn around further down the road and come back to the gas line to enjoy the view. The ladies pulled over and got out of the car.  As they were looking down the gas line, they began to hear rustling in the brush on the left side of the gas line. Looking down the hill on the left, they expected to see a bear or deer come out of the thick brush line. Instead, a large hair covered creature exited, walked across the gas well line from left to right, and entered the forest on the right. The witnesses described the creature as large, covered in dark brown hair.  Arms at its sides swinging as it walked. The creature never looked up the hill at the mother and daughter but continued across the gas well line into the forest. Finally, it dissapeared from sight. The women got back in the car, drove home to the mothers boyfriend where she told him what happened and the three went back to the site.  They did not see anything further. That night, the witness contacted longtime researcher, Stan Gordon. 

Eric Altman, as well as Dave & Cindy Dragosin, met the witnesses and the boyfriend who took them to the location. A search of the area led to some interesting possible evidence. On the left side of the gas well line where the rustling noise was heard, Eric discovered an area of trampled weeds and tall grass next to a blackberry bush.  It appeared that some type of animal was walking along the berry bush. The tall grass was trampled across the gas well line, leading into the tree line on the right side. A large human shaped impression was found and cast. It measured 19 inches long by 7 inches wide. Upon additional research, it was learned that others in the area, as well as gas well workers, have claimed finding human-like prints on the gas well, and hearing strange sounds.

August 31, 2009, near Confluence:
Several teenage boys out scouting the wooded property behind their home encounter a large creature which they later describe as reminding them of Chewbacca from Star Wars.  The teenage boys fled the area.  Made contact with the witness mother and Investigation pending upon meeting the witness and getting out to location. 

August 8, 2009, Jumonville Road, Jumonville:
A woman driving a back mountain road around 2:00 am has to swerve and go around a large creature walking down the middle of the roadway.  She claimed the creature stood very tall, over 6 foot. Her first impression was that it was a man in a bear costume and wearing a Halloween mask until it looked at her and she saw very deep dark set eyes. The witness quickly left the area. 

August 11, 2009, Jumonville Road, Jumonville:
A man visiting from out of state called Eric Altman to ask if there were any exotic or wild game preserves in the area, then went on to tell about seeing a small primate-like creature running quickly across the road as he was driving north in the early evening. He only saw the creature in his headlights and didnt get a very detailed look at it. He further stated that it ran across the road and appeared to be using its knuckles as it moved. 

Late July 2009, 8:30 am, near Dunbar:
An elderly woman arrived at her property to check up on and feed several cats. As she walked from her driveway into the open yard, the woman claimed she came within 30 feet of two creatures eating wild blueberries from her blueberry bushes on the back side of her property.  She stated the larger of the two stood well over 7 feet tall, while the smaller was around 3 feet tall.  She stated the smaller creature was the same color of a deer, very light brown in color and she first thought it was a deer because it was bent over eating the berries. She made some noise, and the smaller creature stood up, turned, looked at her and quickly ran off to the right into some very thick brush out of sight. As her attention was focused on the right where the smaller creature stood, she heard thrashing in the bushes to her left.  Upon looking she saw a very tall, massive creature walking through the brush right towards her. The creature stopped at the edge of the yard, looked at her before turning, then it walked back into the overgrown brush, flailiing its arms as it forced its way through it.  She watched the large dark colored creature for several minutes until it disappeared out of sight.  


A month later, several PBS Investigators conducted research. We continued with the follow up investigations until late October. Between that September and late October, the witness claimed of several other encounters that included hearing sounds and two additional sightings on the property. Our investigations did not produce any evidence of creatures being on the property. Game Cams were hung, audio recorders were set out. Numerous overnight observations were spent on the property. There were a few cases of strange sounds reported and possible eye shine, but nothing conclusive was experienced. 

July 10, 2009, 6:30 pm, near the city limits of North Uniontown:
A woman driving on North Connellsville Street out of the city almost hit a creature that darted into the roadway.  She was driving 40mph and saw a figure running towards the roadway from a schoolyard on her left. Feeling that it was a person or child going to run into the street and be hit, she slammed on her brakes and stopped at the curb on the right, in front of Right Aid Pharmacy. The creature continued running into the street and she got a good look at it's face. She stated it had a wild look on it's face, and covered from head to toe in hair.  She was so close to the creature, she thought it was going to hit the hood of her car. Instead, it lept over the trunk of her car as she watched it in her rear view mirror.  The creature continued into the right aid parking lot and onto a side street, running down the street and eventually out of site.  


Eric spoke with the witness on Sunday, July 11, and arranged a face to face interview on July 16, 2009. The woman and her husband were met at the sighting location by PBS Investigators. Everyone who interviewed the witness felt she was being sincere about her experience. Possible evidence that was found was several scratch marks on the witnesses rear driver quarter panel. The car was a brand new Ford 500, no blemishes or body damage on it, except for what looked like to be an 8 inch wide 2 inch long set of fine scratches which looked as if something with coarse hair or a brush was brushed across the quarter panel.   

Fall of 2005, Normalville Poplar Run:
A man inside his home saw a creature walk past his truck parked outside. When he went for a better look the creature had disappeared.  A few days later the man’s nephew claimed he heard screaming coming from behind his house and from an opposite wooded hillside.

Late April or early May 2003, Scottdale:

Two witnesses were riding a motorbike on a dirt road when they were startled by what looked like a "Hairy Man". The creature stopped about 75 feet away. It was about 6 1/2 feet tall, stooped over, and covered with black hair. 

August 2001, The Fern Peninsula at Ohiopyle State Park:
While camping in the woods at a primitive campsite, a couple had just settled into their tent. They heard a very loud noise they could not describe. Anytime they would make a noise or move inside the tent, whatever it was outside the tent would scream. At one point whatever was outside the tent became very agitated by a nearby passing train. It was circling the tent most of the night and screaming. The unseen animal remained there till morning. The next morning, the male witness looked for any kind of sign as to what was circling the tent, but could not find anything. 

July 1997; near Connellsville;

Two witnesses, who were driving four-wheelers state that a large, furry creature dashed across their path.

Fall 1997, Evening, near Route 51, Whitsett Hill, Perryopolis :
This sighting is second hand, reported from the witness’s sister. The sister's friend was waiting for her outside of their father's trailer. The man was sitting on a railroad tie they used to line the gravel drive. His dogs that were chained up were barking, but when they didn't stop he started to look around for what they were barking at.  When he turned around he saw something crouched down staring at him from the woods. As he stood up, the creature stood up.  The witness said their father thought it was a white man until he realized it was too tall and hairy. When she; the sister, came out of the trailer she asked him what was wrong. She could tell by the way he was walking and looking behind him that something was wrong. He told her, "I think I just saw a Sasquatch." He told her he knew the creature was watching him. Upon asking her sister if she looked to see if she could see it, she said, "No. I just wanted to leave." 

Winter 1996, South Connellsville:
Couple hears a thump in their yard, and they look outside to discover a single row of human-like footprints in the yard walking through the snow. Photos were taken and sent to a game warden who could not identify the tracks.

December 26, 1994, 12:00 am, Dickson Blvd, Uniontown:
Two boys were sled riding in the snow. One boy was getting ready to go one last time and before he went heard a loud noise. He looked over into the wood line and saw a 7ft tall creature, covered in brownish hair, walking in the woods. He left "fast."

November 30, 1981, Keisterville:
Two witnesses were checking their beaver traps in an isolated area when they observed the shadow of a large creature with green eyes across the creek. They started throwing things at the creature and it ran away on its hind legs. They only detail they could see was the green eyes. - Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon. 

Spring 1977, Outside Grays Landing:
A man was driving his car around March or April 1977 near a dump area. It was a bright, sunny day with patches of snow on the ground. He parked his car. While still sitting in his car he smelled an awful odor. The odor did not make his eyes water but there was a sense of heat with the smell and a stinging sensation on the mans exposed skin. He looked over his left shoulder and there, about ten yards from him, was the creature. This creature was standing upright, stood about 8 to 9 foot tall and was well muscled. The creature had reddish-brown colored hair with a tint of gold towards the end of the fur. It had hair all over its body but not totally covering the creatures hands and feet. The skin area that was exposed had a yellowish, orange color. The creature had a small object in its hands that it was looking at. The creatures legs were large, especially the thighs, and its arms and chest were similar to an ape, but with 3 to 4 times more muscles. "When I turned the ignition on the creature turned toward the sound. At that time I saw its face. Its eyes were huge and were not perfect circles, but an elongated circle," stated the witness. He said this creature definitely blinked. He doesn't remember a bottom eye lid just a top eye lid. The rest of the face was covered with fur. The witness could make out a small opening that had to be its mouth. The facial hair, though the same color as the rest of its body, had a different pattern. It was as if the creature had a large curly beard. From the bottom of its eyes on the front of the face (the witness could not make out a nose area) to probably the mouth area, the fur was a tightly knit, as if it had a beard. This curly beard extended down in a V-shape to about the top middle of its chest. The front of the creatures face was flat. As the witness was pulling away the creature started running and covered about 20 yards in less than 2 seconds. - Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon. 

Summer 1975, Fayette County:
A group of people on Route 981 saw a huge, hairy creature cross the highway in front of their car. The creature put its hands over its head as if to protect itself from the headlight glare. - Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon. 

1975, Jumonville Summit:
A group of people saw a hairy creature that appeared to float rather than walk. A fog rolled into the area and the witnesses left. When the witnesses returned later, both the fog and the creature was gone. - Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon. 

February 6, 1974:
A woman heard a noise outside her trailer, went to the doorway with a 16 gauge shotgun, opened the door and saw a 7 foot tall ape-like creature in the doorway. She claims to have shot at the creature in the doorway and it disappeared in a flash of light. Her son who lived nearby heard the shots, went to the area to investigate and saw several hairy creatures there. He shot at them with a pistol. A large red light hovered over a wooden section about 500 yards away during the incident. - Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon. 

A man saw a hairy, ape-like creature cross the road in front of his car. - Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon. 

November 1973:

A man shot at a supposedly "Bigfoot" creature and it disappeared. He saw the same creature later and shot at the creature again. This time the creature grunted and cried. - Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon. 

October 25, 1973, North Union Township:

A man and two boys saw a UFO land in a field. Upon investigating, they observed two tall, hairy, bipedal creatures walking along a fence line. The creatures had matted, dirty brown hair, glowing green eyes, broad shoulders, and small necks. They walked stiff-legged giving them an overall robot-like appearance. The man shot at the creatures, which caused the spherical UFO that had landed in the field, to leave the area immediately. Although the witness felt he didn't miss, the shots had little effect on the strange creatures. They simply turned around and traversed their way back along the fence line. A luminescent ring on the ground remained where the UFO had once been. The witness left the area and returned later with a State Trooper. Although the glowing ring near the ground was still visible, its intensity had diminished. Several hours later the luminescent ring completely dissipated. - Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon. 

July 1973, Jumonville Summit:
A group of people observed an ape-like creature with large shoulders. The witnesses left when a fog rolled into the area. - Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon. 

November 1972, Jumonville Summit:

Several kids threw stones at a 5 1/2 to 6 foot tall creature that growled at them. - Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon. 

October 31, 1972, Jumonville Summit:
Several witnesses in a car saw a grey-haired bipedal creature with long arms, short legs, and self-illuminated eyes. The creature looked in the back window of the car. - Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon. 



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