Elk County

November 1, 2011, West of Wellsboro, near Route 6:
While archery hunting, a hunter was sitting on a fallen tree eating lunch, when he began to hear a thumping noise. The man figured it was a squirrel and continued to eat his lunch paying no attention to the sound. The noise continued for a while and the man decided to throw a stick in the direction of the sounds; thinking he would scare whatever it was, and maybe see the animal that was making the noises. Just as he threw the stick, the hunter heard a very loud whooping sound followed by several screams. The hunter was terrified by the sounds and started down the hill away from the noises. When he looked back he saw a 7 to 8-foot tall creature standing, watching him as he quickly fled the area. After a few moments the creature turned and walked away up the hillside and the hunter could see the arms as they swung. The hunter stated what he saw was definitely not a bear and was like nothing he had ever seen. He described the creature as covered in dark brown hair 4 to 5 inches long.  He guessed the weight around 300-350lbs, and its arms hung down just above its knees but were bent over. 

October 26, 2011, around 6:42 pm, Allegheny National Forest:
Three men were small game hunting and had an encounter with a 7 to 8 foot tall creature covered in dark brown hair. They estimated the creature weighed between 300 to 500 lbs.  The creature was throwing rocks at them and making a growling type noise.

October 7, 2011, Dusk, Allegheny Reservoir, on the East Bank before Casey’s Bridge and Dew Drop Campground
While trolling for fish on the river, a husband first thought he saw a turkey and as the wife looked she saw the backside of a hairy animal bent over a small patch of long grass to the left of some large rocks.  The creature stood up revealing itself not to be a turkey, but stood and was the size of a grown man.  The husband told the wife to get the camera so they could get a picture of the creature.  They landed the boat on the river bank and the husband ran after the creature to get a picture of it.  A few moments later the wife heard what sounded like a tree falling upon a nearby hillside. The wife yelled for the husband to return and he did.  He stated when he came back that the creature threw something large at him and he felt it didn’t want him there and left. He never did get to see it again or take a photo of the creature. The couple stated the creature was the size of a man, around 6 feet tall, with a strong husky build. When the couple returned the next day, they found overturned rocks where the creature had stood. 

May 26, 2009:
Young men riding quads at dusk hear large animal moving through the brush. It appears to be following them. They quickly flee the area. PBS Investigators followed up with a witness and discovered other unusual activity in the area including past sightings, and loud vocalizations being heard.  Sporadic activity reportedly ongoing over the course of past several years. 

Late Summer of 2008, outside of Wellsboro:
Three PennDOT workers turned off the main road onto a forest road and saw a huge creature standing. After a few seconds, the creature turned and walked away.  Two of the witnesses thought it was a deer or horse walking on two legs because it was a light color, similar to that of a deer. The third witness, a female, stated it was much larger than a deer.  When she questioned the other guys about what they saw, one of them stated it was just a horse that had gotten out.  

August 5th, 1992, near the State Game Lands
This sighting occurred late evening. Three male campers heard strange, high pitched vocalizations. In the flashlight beam, one of the campers saw the legs of a hairy, bipedal creature. The creature had 6 to 8 inches of long glistening black hair covering its body. One of the witnesses tried to take a picture with a flash camera. The flash apparently scared the creature because it ran uphill. It sounded as if the creature stood on a plateau above them and started screaming. It appeared as if another creature was screaming back at the first creature. The vocalizations were loud, high pitched, and drawn out. They tried to take another picture. Both attempts were unsuccessful, but they could see red eyes reflected by the flash. They witnesses climbed into their truck and from the truck, they observed one bipedal creature cross in front of them where the campfire was.


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