Cumberland County

July 15, 2009, 2:00 am, near Boiling Springs, close to Route 74:
While camping, a group of teenagers was approached by a large animal. Shortly after all the night sounds stopped, within a few minutes something let out a loud howl. A few moments later, they heard something answer it off in the distance. They did not see what made the sounds.  

February 2005, Afternoon, Route 223 near the Cumberland and Adams County Line:
While fishing on a tributary along a stream, two men sighted a creature watching them. They stared at the creature for about three seconds before it turned and walked off. 

May 15, 1977, Footedale
A husband and wife were driving along a road when in their headlight beams they saw a 7' tall, hairy figure on the road. The creature had shaggy,
reddish-brown hair over its entire body. It walked erect with the head and shoulders slumped, and the creature appeared to "glide" rather than walk. It disappeared into a ravine. The witnesses also reported seeing a strange nocturnal light in the area.  

Early Fall, 1976, Richland Road, Carlisle:
A six-year
boy old was taking a walk with his cousins and older sister on Richland Rd. Approx. 100 ft. away they noticed a creature cresting one of the humps in the road and walking towards them. They watched as it walked towards them. They turned and ran back to other relatives. They did not believe them and proceeded back to the area. They all saw at that point; at about 50 ft, the creature was walking upright, arms swinging and moving at a pretty good stride straight up the road and straight towards them. At that point, everybody ran. The witness tried to cut through a cornfield to get to neighbors. The other witnesses ran straight back. As they were running, a contractor was pulling onto Richland Rd. from down a lane where he was building a farmhouse. They pounded on his car and he stopped. They told him of what they saw at which he did not believe right away. He then turned around and saw the creature still coming straight down Richland Rd. At that point, he sped down the road until he reached the lane to the witness's house. He quickly pushed them from the car and left. Once back at their house they told their mother, who then called their father and older brother at work. The mother ran and grabbed a shotgun and proceeded to the balcony which overlooked the whole area. The creature was at that point cutting directly across the cornfield. It was taller than the fully grown corn. Their mother told them to hide. Upon arriving at the house, the father and brothers took off in the direction the creature headed. It was not seen but tracks were found. The creature was black with matted fur. It was the size of a husky built man. 



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