Columbia County

May 7, 2011, Dawn, near Catawissa:

A witness was gearing up at 5:15 am to go turkey hunting. As he was zipping up his ghillie suit, his hunting partner asked him who was walking across his field. He looked up and observed a tall figure, covered in light tan, blondish hair walking away from them. The figure kept walking the path until it hit the tree line, made a right turn - continuing to walk away. It looked back at them, then kept walking forward until it disappeared over a knoll. Witness described the strides as long, smooth, and with swinging arms. The height was gauged by a hay bale the creature walked by, which came up to its waist, indicating a height of about 8'5" tall. 


December 12, 2006, 4:00 pm, Orangeville Posey Hill Rd:
While squirrel hunting a man shot a squirrel, but it didn’t die right away. He left it for a while and moved on with my day of hunting. When he returned he couldn’t find the squirrel but in its place found a mangled tail with no body anywhere in sight. There was a lot of blood on the ground. Upon searching the area found 3 distinct footprints and also smelled of an extremely distinct, rank odor.

April 9, 2006, 5:30 pm, Millville, near Bowman’s Mill Rd:
A hunter who regularly checks his trail cameras, checked that evening, opened the camera and was astounded with what he saw. The hunter claims the camera photographed a creature that looked to stand 6 ½ feet tall, around 300 lbs. covered in dark hair with skin color a darker shade of brown. No confirmation of this could be made.   

September 1996, approximately 11:20 pm on Route 42, heading North towards Brush Valley Reservoir and Aristes:
While driving home from the movies on Route 42, a couple saw reddish-brown eye shine reflecting back from the car’s headlights on the left side of the road. As they passed the eyeshine, they thought it was a deer but they were much higher than a deer would be.  The man quickly braked, turned around and drove back. They pulled off the road onto the shoulder of the road until they saw the eye shine again just inside the tree line.  They got within 15 feet of the eye shine and could make out a dark outline of a figure larger than the man driving the car who was 6’4 and 250 lbs. The man asked his girlfriend if she saw it. She replied yes and it was huge.

Late September or Early October (Fall) 1984, Catawissa

The witness was burning trash in the backyard of his rural home around sunset. This area is an undeveloped, wooded, hilly, grassy area with a few streams. His cat was close by. The witness then heard a very loud sound as if a large animal was crashing down through the woods. The wooded area was approximately 50 yards away and ended in his yard via a steep hillside. At the foot of the hill was a stream bordered by 4-foot tall grass. He was expecting to see a deer appear at the bottom of the wooded hillside, but instead, a huge, black, hairy bi-pedal creature emerged. The creature stopped and stood at the edge of the stream. The high grass covered the legs of the creature, and it was too dark to see much detail. The creature had a hair covered head. No facial characteristics were visible. It stood there for several minutes and appeared to "sway back and forth". The witness also detected a foul odor like an "open sewer". He also noticed the cat's hair was standing on end and its back was arched. After approximately two minutes the creature let out a god awful scream. The witness compared the scream to a baby screaming, but so loud it echoed off the mountainside. He and the cat simultaneously ran into the house. The cat hid under the bed and wouldn't come out for nearly 24 hours after the incident. The witness picked up his gun but was so frightened that he had problems inserting the bullets. When he returned to the yard the creature was gone. He investigated the area the next day, but the soil was too hard to produce any recognizable prints. - Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson

December 1981, State Game Lands

A thirteen-year-old boy was deer hunting with his father in the State Game Lands. They had arrived before daybreak and were sitting in different areas. The boy heard something in the brush and smelled a strange aroma like a decaying animal. It was too dark at this time to see anything. Just as day was breaking, he glanced to his right and observed a strange, ape-like creature sitting on the ground at a distance of 50 to 75 yards. It was sitting with its legs out in front. The creature was covered with 3 1/2 inches of long brown hair that laid down flat. It had a cone-shaped head with a large brow ridge, like an ape, but the face was flat. At first, the witness thought the creature was a bear until it arose. It was then that he could tell it was not a bear but a 7 foot tall, bipedal, ape-like creature. It ran slightly hunched over and had arms down to its knees. It had a strange jerking motion to its arms as it ran. The witness then took off running in the opposite direction. This sighting happened in a rural, undeveloped area of the State Game Lands. The terrain was muddy and there was a bog nearby. - Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon

August 27, 1980, Jonestown Mountain:

No creature was sighted, but a witness who had a previous sighting found an 18" x 7 1/2", 5 toed footprint in the same area he had the sighting. The print looked human but was much larger.

August 24, 1980, Jonestown Mountain

A woman living on the south side of the Jonestown Mountain heard heavy breathing outside her window. No creature was sighted. 

August 18, 1980, Jonestown Mountain:

Two witnesses were driving to work in the daytime when they observed a tall, erect-walking creature cross the road in front of them. The creature had thick, shaggy, brown hair, and long legs. Its stride was 3 times that of a human. They also heard a weird, high pitched cry. The witnesses went back later that evening to examine the area of the sighting and found a partial lean-to with grass bedding. - Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon

July 19, 1980:

A witness heard several long, rough, high pitched screams near his home at 1 AM. No creature was sighted. - Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon

July 18, 1980, Beaver Township

A 29-year-old man was driving down abandoned railroad tracks to the entrance to his property. He stopped his car at the gate, looked down the railroad tracks and straight in front of him was this creature which stood between 7 to 8 foot tall. The creature was black with long hair covering almost all of its body. It was walking with long strides towards the witness. The witness watched the creature for a few minutes. He had a camera and a gun on the seat next to him. He grabbed the gun and got out of the vehicle. Then the creature saw him and walked into the bushes. A few seconds later deer were chased out of the bushes and across the railroad tracks. The witness estimated the weight of the creature at 400 lbs. The arms extended below the knee area. It had a flat nose, large dark eyes, broad shoulders, and a short neck. The witness could not find any footprints because the ground was hard and dry. This sighting occurred during the daytime on a clear day. Later that night about 1:30 AM, something came to the cabin and left out two long, rough to high-pitch, loud sounds. These sounds were also heard by the witnesses parents. 

July 18, 1980:

This sighting occurred during the daytime. The witness watched a tall, hairy bipedal creature walk down a railroad bed towards him. He estimated the creature was 7-8 foot tall, weighed 400 lbs, and had long black hair covering most of its body. It had a large head, flattened nose, large eyes, and arms that swung well below the knees. The creature turned and ran into the bushes at which time a frightened deer ran across the tracks.



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