Clinton County

October 10, 2010, 9:30 am, near State Route 144, 6 miles south of Renovo:  
Two men were hiking to the truck after a weekend camping trip when they encountered a very foul odor described as a strong musk and body odor smell. It lasted for 20 yards before it was gone. 

March 31, 2007, 8:00 pm, along Route 120, near Renovo Road and Fibber’s Tavern
While driving home that evening, a man saw a set of eyes that were behind the guardrails and slowed down because I thought that it was a deer.  As he approached, he saw a large hairy creature run out towards the vehicle as if it were waiting for him to get close enough – the man sped away.  Per the witness, the height was around 6ft high and weight around 250-300lbs, hair color was a mix between light brown and dark brown with long tangled hair, its eyes looked like they were glowing in the headlights of the car. It ran out onto the road crouched over.

June 1991, Bald Eagle State Park

Two men were standing next to their vehicle. They heard a noise in the woods and looked to see a deer climbing the bank and it crossed the road. Shortly after they saw a dark-colored figure come up the same bank and stopped at the side of the road. The creature was 40 feet away from the two men. They described it as standing 7 to 8 ½ feet tall and having a large build. The creature was covered with long stringy dark colored hair. They were so close that they could hear the breathing. The creature turned and looked at the two men. They could see the stomach area had darker colored hair on it. The eyes were large and black. The hair covering the face was much shorter. The creature appeared to move its lips as if it were attempting to speak. It placed its hand on its hip, then dropped its arm. The arms hung to about 2 inches above its knees. The creature took a step towards the men, and they hastily got into their vehicle. The creature then turned and trotted down the road away from the men. The men described a sour sweaty smell that accompanied the creature. They also claim they found a 16 inch long, 5-inch wide footprint. 

Friday, June 22, 1990, around 3 to 4 pm, Bald Eagle Township

A man in a pickup truck (age 37, school bus driver) and a few other people in a car behind him saw the creature. This sighting happened on a hot, bright and clear day. The witness was driving his S-10 pickup truck and was coming down a dirt road and made a right turn at a stop sign. As he made the turn he saw a movement out of the corner of his eye and saw a tall hairy creature hop over the guard rail, just as a man would, by putting its hands on the top of the guard rail and jumping over with both feet. He slammed on his brakes and stopped within 10 feet of the creature. The driver behind him also slammed on his brakes. In this car were a man, a woman, and two children. The creature stood there looking over the occupants of both vehicles. The other driver got out of his vehicle and said something like "What the hell is that?", but when the creature started to move towards them he got back in his car. The witness noticed the creature was 7 to 8 foot tall and grotesque, with long matted dark chocolate brown colored hair (6 to 8 inches long) that was knotted and tangled and looked as if it were molting. The face was covered with hair, but the witness did see its eyes. They were very dark in the center but lighter around the outside, but he saw no sclera (white area) around them. The eyes had lids and were similar to Asian Eyes (almond-shaped) and as large as quarters. He doesn't recall any ears and its head was rounded like a humans. It had a thick muscular build, like a man, but fatter in the stomach and the butt area. The neck was very short and thick or else the head sat on the shoulders (the matted thick hair made it difficult to determine). The witness recalls it looked something like Chewbacca from "Star Wars". The creature walked toward the vehicles in a diagonal direction, heading for the opposite side of the road. The stench from the creature was of old rotting garbage. As the creature walked past the truck, the witness leaned down to see the its head, but the witnesses eyes were at a level at the bottom of the window and he could only see to just below the creatures shoulders. The witness did see its hands and estimates they were at least four feet off the ground and had its arms at its side. The creature reached the shoulder of the road, hesitated a second to look at the witnesses, and grunted like a low pig grunt and walked down the slight bank into the bushes in a field towards the woods. The witness did not talked to the people in the other vehicle. When he got home his daughter asked him what was stinking. Apparently, the stench from the creature had penetrated his vehicle and his clothing. The next day he went back to this same place to look for footprints, but found none on the hard and dry ground. He did discover a path that the creature apparently could have taken and followed this well-worn path past a pond and into the woods. The area surrounding this sighting has several caves, a swamp, power lines, a sheep farm, an apple orchard, plenty of pear trees, a cemetery, an abandon trailer and a junkyard with several guard dogs. On occasion, the guard dogs would go crazy barking but the owner blames it on looters, although apparently nothing has ever been stolen. The terrain is wooded, hilly, grassy, with agricultural and open fields. - Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson

Summer 1972, after "Agnes Flood", Salona:
A woman kept food she had canned in an enclosed area of her back porch. Sometime after the flood, she heard noises on the porch and went out to see what was going on. She found a creature going through the canned goods. She startled the creature and it tore the screen door off the hinges and ran off.  - Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson


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