Clearfield County

April 2016, Evening, near Route 53, Irvona:

While sitting on her deck talking to a friend, several loud grunts are heard from across a creek on witness’s property. Alarmed, she ran inside to get her boyfriend, and his friend, to come and listen. Upon hearing the grunts again, the boyfriend runs inside and grabs his gun, and heads down to where the grunts are coming from. After hearing coyotes starting to yip, he takes a shot. Something BIG and HEAVY took off from the area. Moments later, above the area, wood knocks are heard from an old mink farm, a reply knock is heard.


March 1, 2016, near Route 53, near Irvona:

When letting her dogs out at night, one of the witness’s dogs refuses to leave the deck. Her other dog, a German Shorthair Pointer, started shaking but still was sniffing around. He started off the deck and to the area towards an old mink farm. The dog quickly started crying, running back and hiding under the deck.

An immediate stench hit the air, prompting the witness to go wake her boyfriend. Calling the dog back, they notice he is looking at a big, round tree in the corner of the yard. The witnesses kept watching the area when they notice a figure move away. The boyfriend took a shot at it, believing it to be after the dog.

October 2012, unnamed road between Clearfield and Curwensville:

While hiking along a creek, one of the hikers in the trio hear a low growling sound. The other two, unable to hear these sounds, decide the three of them should keep pressing on. About 30-40 steps further down the trail -they decided to abandoned plans to hike and head back to the car. The same hiker who heard the initial growls finds a footprint on the way back. It was about 13-14" in length. As one of the hikers goes to take a picture, the others both hear low growling noises from the creek area. No creature was observed. 


January 1, 2012, at 02:45 am, driving towards Dubois on Rt. 322 on Rockton Mountain
A young woman who was the designated driver was driving her boyfriend home from a New Years Eve Wedding, observes a black object along the right side of the road, on the berm. At first, she thought it was a bush, but then it moved.  As she got closer, she thought it may be a man in black clothing, until she was just about to pass it and the headlights really lit it up. The large figure was black in color, covered in hair and stood approximately 6 to 7 feet tall.  The creature began to run towards the guard rail and then leaped over the guardrail without using its arms to jump over. At that time, she saw the bottom of its foot, and it appeared white in color. Just as that happened, her boyfriend asked if she saw what he just saw, and she confirmed. Immediately, she became scared and started to cry.  It was very fast. It went from a crouching position, then stood up, ran and leaped over the guardrail. 
January 1, 2012, at 1:30 am, driving on Rt. 322 towards Clearfield:  
A husband and wife were driving home at 1:30 am on Rt. 322, witnessed a creature run across the roadway from right to left at a very fast speed.  As the creature ran across the road, the witnesses could see the arms swing as it ran.  The female witness stated the arms didn't swing in the same manner as a human would and were not as vigorous as a person's arms would swing.  The bottom of the feet appeared lighter in color, almost white. They could clearly see it in their headlights as it crossed and the husband tried to turn the car to angle the headlights in the direction the creature ran, however, the wife was quite frightened and urged him to keep driving. The creature ran so quickly, they could not determine the size or height of the creature. 

October 23-25, 2009 Black Moshannon Forest, Rockton Mountain
The PBS held a research outing in this area. expedition. Several broken pine trees were discovered in a field. The trees were examined and very unusual hair was discovered on two of the broken pine trees. The hair was collected, and has been delivered to Dr. Jeff Meldrum of Idaho State University for microscopic identifying and study to determine a possible match and if the hairs warrant further analysis through DNA study.  Several possible tracks were discovered.

August - October 2009,  Black Moshannon Forest, Rockton Mountain:
Several return trips were made to this location for additional research by various PBS members.  Unexplained activity was experienced by several PBS researchers, however, it was not the same frequency of activity that had occurred in July and early August.

August 2, 2009, Dusk, at a campsite off Rt 36, 15 minutes from Prince Galitzen Park:
A group of men was sitting around a campfire. They heard weird noises and felt like we were being watched. Two of the men went off to gather firewood. One of the men came back to the fire first because he couldn’t get over the feeling he was getting. The other men at the campfire heard a whistling sound and we thought it was the man who went for firewood. The whistling sounds continued along with strange noises like something was trying to be quiet. The men shouted that they had guns and weren't afraid to shoot. The noises continued and got closer and closer. At one point one of the men saw something when he shined the flashlight in that direction. They all stood up and one man started shooting a bb gun into the woods trying to scare off whatever it was.  In return, a rock was thrown at them and missed the camp by 10 ft. A strange "throat clearing" sound was made. The men jumped in the trucks and went to the top of the hill. After about 20 minutes they started hearing the same noises, whistling and the rustling. The men left the area for a short time. When they came back a brown head was seen above bushes that were 7-8 ft high. The head promptly ducked into the bushes and upon investigation of the area, it was seen that there was a hill right behind the bushes that it probably ran into. They sat there astonished for a while and in the next couple of minutes they started hearing the same noises as before but coming from behind a trailer that was sitting in a patch of bare ground. The noises got closer and closer until they couldn’t stand it anymore. They left the area for the night. The next morning they went back to the camp and, found no signs of disturbance.   
July 29, 2009, 10 pm to 3 am, Black Moshannon Forest, Rockton Mountain:
PBS Investigators experienced unexplained activity including rock throwing, wood knocks, something large moving through the surrounding forest, orange eye shine accompanied by a very foul odor. No creatures were sighted, however on this trip, earlier in the day, investigators discovered very large animal prints in the same location which were canine of nature.

July 22, 2009, 10 pm to 3 am, Black Moshannon Forest, Rockton Mountain:
PBS Investigators spent most of the night in the forest of the Black Moshannon forest and had numerous unexplained experiences including hearing wood knocks, seeing eye shine and having rocks thrown at them for an extended period of time. 

July 20, 2009, Early Evening, Sabula:
A woman living north of Sabula in a rural wooded area, sighted what she first thought was a large bear standing on two legs watching her from the woods, as she stood on her deck in the early evening hours. After a few moments of watching the "bear", She realized the bear was not a bear but was a tall dark colored creature covered in hair. The woman also claimed that for several days prior to her sighting in the early morning hours, she felt like she was being watched by something in the woods. 

July 4, 2009, 11;30 pm, outside of Clearfield:
A young man was walking home on a remote rural wooded roadway. As walking down the hill towards, he heard rustling behind him. The witness stopped, looked back to witness a large dark colored figure step off the embankment behind him a few hundred feet away. The figure stopped and looked at the young man before continuing across the road and walking up the embankment of the other side out of site. 

June 23, 2009, 11:50 pm, near Rt. 255 and Hickory Kingdom Road, near Sabula:
Female witness claims that while driving home from work, a creature that closely resembled an ape ran across the road in front of her car. The creature was described as muscular and covered in dark thin hair.

May 23, 2009, 10:00 pm, at Bear Creek, near Dubois:
Two teenage boys were walking through the woods on the back side of a stone pit. They were on their way back to their campsite when they got to the edge of the tree line, they heard something move 30 feet away from them.  They saw a large dark figure moving quickly from tree to tree following them.  They threw rocks at the figure and whatever it was, it did not leave.  The boys described the figure walking like a large person but taking huge strides.  They never did get a very good look at the figure and it followed them back to their campsite.

May 2009, near Sabula:
A family reports to Sean Forker and Ernie Delp about sightings, strange vocalizations, and ongoing unusual activity occurring on their property. Other paranormal groups became involved with the case due to the high number of paranormal encounters and sightings including strange lights, UFO's, ghostly figures and strange creatures. 
November 13, 2008, late afternoon, near Route 729 outside of Curwensville
On his property, a witness saw a creature.  He stated even at long range you could tell it was bigfoot just by the sheer size of the beast. He described it as 7-7.5 feet tall dark brown-black in color weighing probably 800-900 lbs  He also described a very bad odor where he saw it.  He also discovered 18 inches by 10-inch prints.

November 3, 2008, at daybreak, near Route 279, Kerrmoor:
Hunting squirrels two teenagers witnessed a 7 to 7.5-foot tall creature covered in black hair. It let out a blood-curdling scream.  

September through October 2007, Parker Dam State Park. near Mud Run Road and Tyler Rd:  
A park ranger was on patrol of the park and driving the back maintenance roads. Had a sighting saw what he first thought was a bear. It was standing at the opposite side of an open field pulling in leaves to its mouth and stripping them from the branch.  He stopped his truck, grabbed his camera and ran towards the “bear.”  The creature then stood up, walked down the embankment on two legs and a few feet before dropping to all fours and running off into the thick brush. The ranger is familiar with bear as he has seen a bear there before. He would have discounted it as a bear sighting, however, the hind legs were drastically disproportionate. The animal was black in the shade of the trees, however, as it moved away from me and crossed some sunlight filtering through the trees it appeared to have a reddish "iridescence". He reported the sighting to his superiors and was told there were no similar sightings in the area and that he should not discuss it further. The Park Ranger also sent photos of a dead deer he found that was decomposing but had a gaping hole in its side and it's neck broken.  This was discovered at a different location of the park in October 2007. 

July 8, 2006, 1:23 AM Rockton Mountain, on Kelly Cellar Road:
Two men saw a creature standing 7 to 8 feet tall covered in dark reddish brown hair.  It was so close to the men, that they saw its eyes. The creature was crouched down in the brush before it stood upright and took two backward steps before it turned and ran off in a jogging pace. 

July 2003, Dubois

A mother and son had heard on many occasions a loud bellowing type sound coming from the woods. Strange odors were also smelled. A large and heavy animal was heard walking through the woods at night breaking branches and making a lot of noise as it walked.

July 15, 2003, North of Clearfield:
It was late in the evening when the witness heard loud garbled sounds, grunting, and heavy breathing. There was also a very foul stench in the air. Her 5 English setters were all in their pens hiding. They would not come out of their pens to see what was going on. 

September 2, 2002, Rockton Mountain near Kelley Cellar Road
PBS members hear heavy footfalls, branches breaking and a rock is thrown at the group. No tracks were found, no animals sighted.

June 2002, Rockton Mountain
PBS members discovered several three-toed tracks along route 322 between Clearfield and Dubois.

September 22, 2001
Two men out deer spotting sight two creatures walking down a gas line off of Kelley Cellar Road on the Rockton Mountain. They also report hearing baby crying vocalizations.

May 2001, North of Clearfield Rockton Mountain:

PBS Researcher Scott Hangartner witnesses large black colored creature run away from him on two legs, after he investigated rustling in the bushes while hiking.

March 2001, East of Clearfield:
A man driving to Clearfield on route 153 watches a 7 ft tall brown colored creature cross the road in front of his car.

September 2000, North of Clearfield Rockton Mountain:

Two researchers Scott Hangartner and John Vukovich discover 19-inch track close to sighting location where woman viewed creature on side of the road.

September 2000, Curwensville:
A woman driving a bus near the town of Curwensville watches a 7ft tall hair covered creature cross the road in front of her school bus while on her way to pick up children.

November 2000:
Man changing a tire on side of the road hears strange screams and yells coming from the woods on both sides of the road.


August 5, 2000

Three men hiking in a wooded area near Rockton Mountain claim they see a reddish brown object standing upright. It appears the creature is watching them from behind a tree. One witness takes a photo. Photo shows something large and reddish brown but is too difficult to determine what it is due to the distance away.


August 2000, North of Clearfield Rockton Mountain
A woman driving home late at night witness a small grey/black colored creature sitting up against a guardrail. As the woman slowed down, the creature stood on two legs and stepped over guard rail walking down an embankment and into the forest.

Fall of 1999, near Penfield
A man was sitting quietly in the woods when he heard the sounds of an animal approaching from behind. He turned to see a tall hair covered creature walking towards him. The creature stopped within 60 yards of the man and ran off the opposite direction. The creature stood approximately seven foot tall and weighed about 400 lbs. It was covered in black hair.


February 1999, Moshannon State Forest, near Parker Dam:

A husband and wife are up early making breakfast. As the man is out gathering firewood from his pile, he looks off into the woods and observes a large black figure, much larger than a man, standing by a brush pile. He described the creature as covered in long, blackish -brown, stringy fur. When the creature came to realize the man had seen it, it let out a loud, piercing shriek that sounded like a bear mixed with a crow. Horrified, he ran back to the cabin. After calming down and having his breakfast, the man returns to the area, armed, and finds barefoot tracks nearly 2 feet long, wider than a human foot, that went on for over 80 yards. The couple reported this encounter to a Park Ranger, who did not take it seriously. 

December 1991, near Penfield
A hunter sites a shadowy dark figure in the woods while hunting near the Penfield Water Supply. He also smelled a foul odor like decaying flesh.

October 15, 1989, 7 am, at Medix Run near Shagers Pond:
While turkey hunting, five men were walking on a tramroad cut through a tornado blowdown shortly after daylight.  They observed a 7 foot tall, large black creature walking across this tram road below them and across a ravine. They seemed to have spotted it before it saw them. They were all stopped and focused on the creature when it spotted them. Its immediate reaction was to stop and crouch down to the ground. They could all still plainly see the creature at this time as it crouched on the ground facing them. It seemed to make a decision to itself that it was not hidden and they were looking at it. It then stood upright and began to run for cover. Its stride was long with its arms swinging near its knees. As it entered the tangled mess of the blowdown it went over, under and through the brush with a very convincing force. This very powerful and loud departure was all the convincing that any of them needed to conclude that what they just saw was no hoax. Tracks were found in the soft sand on the tram road. These measured approx. 15" long and approx. 6" wide.

1985, near the Dubois Reservoir
Two young couples were hiking near the reservoir. They decided to stop and build a campsite and a fire. The two women excused themselves to go to the bathroom. While in the woods, they heard movement and began to smell a rotten egg smell.
They quickly returned to camp and told the two men. The men told them they probably heard a deer. After a while, it was dark and the fire was going. The couples began hearing heavy footfalls around the campsite but could not see the animal or human responsible. The couples decided to pack up camp, extinguish the fire and leave. Whatever was making the heavy footfalls around the campsite followed them back to the car. The couples got into the car and turned on the headlights. In the beams of the headlights, they saw a large hairy creature standing 25 feet away. It stood 7 to 8 foot tall and was covered in reddish-brown hair. The creature had an oval-shaped head, wide mouth, an apelike flat nose. The arms and chest appeared powerful. The stare down lasted several minutes until it was interrupted by a loud piercing scream that came from the woods. The creature ran back into the woods and the couples fled the area.

Summer 1983, near Mahaffey
A woman riding her ATV at a strip mine claims she spied a creature sitting on a ridge watching her. As she approached, the creature got up and walked into the woods atop the strip mine. As she drove to the wooded area atop the strip mine, she discovered several partially eaten turkeys, as if some animal took large bites out of them. She found huge human-like footprints near the dead turkeys.

January 12, 1977, Curwensville
It was cold with snow on the ground. At 4 AM the witness heard his dog barking fiercely. The witness found 18" x 12" footprints with either 4 or 5 toes made by a bipedal creature. He tracked the creature in the snow for about 150 feet before it disappeared into "thin air."


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