Clarion County 

July 7, 2002, East Brady Township

Witnesses were camping near Rte 68 east when they heard loud screams like someone was being murdered. One of the witnesses only caught a glimpse of the creature running past the tent and the fire. No odor was detected. 

February 1999, near the Clarion River

While fishing a man claims he witnesses a Bigfoot sitting on a rock eating a rabbit. 

Summer 1972, 2-3 am in the Cooks Forest, along the Clarion River:
While camping in his tent overnight in the Cooks Forest, a man hears a very loud scream within 50 feet of his campsite. He stated it sounded very large and mammalian. Not like a human, bear or mountain lion. The man did not see what was responsible for the scream he had heard.   

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