Chester County

Feb. 2013, near Chatham:
Two men driving home in the afternoon both saw (for 2-3 seconds) a large, reddish-brown creature in a crouched position at a distance of around 50 yards away.

July 2014, near Coatesville:

Two men experienced various incidents including finding footprints, having the feeling of being watched, & seeing a large, dark figure in the woods behind them. 

January 2009, Evening
While out riding his ATV,  a man returned to his campsite to find his wife and son frightened by strange noises they heard coming from the wooded hillside behind their camping trailer.  The wife and son claimed they heard something in the wooded area pushing over trees and then breaking large branches.  An initial search of the woods with a flashlight revealed nothing, but as soon as the flashlight would turn off, the loud brush crashing and branch breaking would begin again.  When the flashlight would be turned on and shone in the woods, the noises would stop.  This was very close to the families camping trailer, only about 75 to 100 feet away.  No creature or person was seen.  
1995, 3:20 am, Valley Forge Park on Route 252
A man was driving on Route 252 that goes into Valley Forge Park when he saw what looked like a Bear standing straight up and walking. He slowed down to creep by the creature and got a very good look at it. It was just covered in reddish brown hair including its face. According to the witness, the creature was at least 7ft to 8ft tall and very Skinny with very long legs and arms.


June 1987, Marsh Creek Spillway:

A woman fishing with her son was shocked and frightened by something very heavy. It paralleled them as they quickly went back to their car and made earth-shaking footsteps as it went. They never returned to that area to fish again. 

1975, about 9 pm, Harmony Hill Rd, near State Route 302, between Downingtown and West Chester:
While watching TV in his second-floor apartment, the witness claims he heard extremely loud screams coming to the wooded area behind the apartment building.  He did not see anything, but later stated he heard the same scream played on two different radio shows.  He believes it was a bigfoot responsible for the sounds he heard that night.

Winter of 1966, near Kimberton:
Three children were tobogganing on a steep farm hill.  It was getting towards dusk when they saw a creature watching them from the edge of the field at a tree line. The children stated they could see that it was a very tall creature of maybe 7 foot.  It was all hair, dark brown, with long-armed, and made no noise. The creature stayed at the forest's edge watching the children for at least a half an hour. They watched it as it moved back into the forest. Per the witnesses, they first thought it might be a bear or a tree stump, but quickly realized it wasn't. They also said it was not a shadow. It un-nerved the children to be watched by the creature, and they did not return back to that spot again for over a week until they got the courage up to go to the spot where they had seen the figure.  All they discovered was an area of snow that had been walked on but could not make out any clear tracks. 

1965, 12:30 am, Coatesville:
A ten-year-old boy was walking home from his grandparents’ farm. The boy crossed the field and turned the corner of his grandparents spring house when he came face to face with a large shadowy creature. The boy turned and ran to a neighbor’s house where he remained until his father came and picked him up.


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