Centre County

June 25, 2009, 8 pm, Beulah Land Rd, about 5 miles from Cedar Run:
While at a wildlife observation area, a man wife, daughter and nephew heard four distinct high pitched human-like yells. Coming from beyond the tree line at the other end of the field. Each call lasted 3-4 seconds.  At the end of the last call, I heard a sound similar to a yelping dog (at the very last second of the call).    

November 10, 2005, Spring Mills
While walking in the woods, two women smell a strong wet dog smell followed by movement in the woods.  As they continue to look they see a reddish brown hair covered creature walk away from the creek very quickly. 

April 11, 2002, near Mount Logan

A trail of large human-like footprints was discovered. 

July 20, 2001, near Grove Run

A man was sleeping at his campsite when he was awoken around 3:15 am by the sound of heavy footfalls coming down the hillside, towards his campsite. The animal walked between the witness and the campfire. The witness saw that the animal was an 8-foot tall creature covered in glistening long black hair and walked on two legs like a human. No facial features were visible. The arms hung to its knees. He also heard the creature making heavy breathing sounds. The creature continued down the hill towards the creek and disappeared into the darkness. Although the man did not feel threatened, he did feel that the creature was still around and watching him in the darkness. 

December 15, 1995, near New Albany:
While sitting in a tree stand during hunting season, a hunter hears movement then through his rifle scope, he sees a large human-like figure watching him from behind a tree.  The creature slowly backs away and out of site.  The man described the creature as standing 7 to 8 foot tall, brown in color with a massively sized waist. 


July 28, 1995, Black Moshannon Forest
Sitting in the forest at night not far from his campsite, a man has a nighttime encounter with a figure that walked towards him and stopped within 50 feet of him.  Thinking it was one of his buddies; he called out but received no answer. Eventually, the figure walked off and towards his campsite.  He followed it back to the campsite and when he arrived his buddies were there and asked where he had been. He told them he followed one of them back to the site and his buddies denied being out in the woods.   

July 1991, near Livonia

A woman driving along route 192 observed a reddish colored creature watching her from a tree. She described the creature as being 3 ½ to 4 foot tall, weighing about 130 lbs covered in reddish brown hair like a fox. The two observed one another for several minutes before the creature walked up a path and disappeared. 

1988, Clarence:
While hunting squirrels near a power line, a man catches a glimpse of the upper torso of an ape-like creature running away from him in the forest.  Estimated the creature to be at least 8 foot tall covered in medium brown hair with broad shoulders.

January 1970:

A female witness reported seeing an ape-like creature leaning against a post along Rte 45. When the sighting was investigated, footprints 21 inches long and with 3 toes were found in the snow. - Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon


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