Carbon County

August 15, 2004, Tresko
A family walking through the forest near Crystal Mountain discovers17 inch footprint hears something following the family through woods and also hears a loud piercing scream. No creature was sighted. 

August 1999, near Weatherly
While hiking in the mountains, a witness sees a 7 to 8 foot tall large dark colored creature walking away from him. 

1984, Weatherly:
While camping near state game lands 141, a man awoke to the sound of loud high pitched howls coming from the valley below. The creature continually moved closer to the campsite.  The man got out of the tent to scream to try to scare off the creature but the creature screamed back at him.  The flashlight caught the glimpse of something running away, and the couple heard the screams every 15 to 20 seconds until it faded into the distance.  


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