Cambria County

November 12, 2011, 9:30 pm, Route 36 north of Carroltown driving towards Grampian
While driving north on Rt. 36, a family watches a large dark colored creature crossed the roadway in front of the car.  They stated it crossed and went up a steep embankment, never put its hands down to steady itself and stridden up the slope, arms hanging at its side. The witnesses stated the creature never looked at them. They stated they believed the creature to be around 7 feet tall.   

November 11, 2011, outside of Westover, on Rt. 36:  
A truck driver was driving down Rt. 36 to get to Jonestown. As he rounded the bend in the road, he saw a creature standing in the road walking across to the other side.  He came close to hitting the creature. It did not seem to be scared but just kept walking across the road. The witness stated he knew it wasn't a bear and at first thought it as a person in a costume. The more he thought about it the more he felt it was the real thing. The witness described the creature as approximately 6 feet tall, weighing approximately 200 lbs and covered in long light brown hair from head to toe, except for the face which appeared to be white.  

March 22, 2010, in a forested area outside of Altoona
While walking with his dogs in a forested area, a man sees a large 7-foot tall upright hair covered creature moving quickly through the brush before disappearing from sight.

May 9, 2009, Wopsy Mountain:

While turkey hunting on Wopsy Mountain, a man claims he sees a large human-like creature walking in the brush 75 yards ahead of him. 

December 17, 2009, around 5:00 on Rt 164 by the Windmills, near Portage
Driving down the road trying to get a look at the windmills, A man saw a large black figure running off across a field on two legs.

September 2005, wooded area outside of Johnstown:
A group of men gathering firewood hears a high pitch noise in the woods, then see a large creature watching them. They described it as being a 6-7 foot tall, having a monkey like a face and pointed head.  The men fled the area but returned later and could not find the creature again.

January 20, 2004, Ogletown

While driving on a back country road, a man witnesses creature cross in front of his car in three steps. The creature disappeared into a thickly wooded area. 

February 2004, Windber

While driving on Rt. 56, a woman claims she struck a 2 ½ foot tall hair covered creature with the body of a bear and face of a monkey. After turning around to return to the area, upon arriving, the creature was gone. 

March 2000

Four individuals witness a brown colored creature spying on them from behind a tree, while they are walking through the woods. It stares at the group for a few seconds before running off at a high rate of speed.

June 1994, Ebensburg:
While biking on a trail, several boys heard something walking in the woods.  When they went for a closer look the spied a large upright creature running away from them.

March 1994, Loretto
While along a railroad track, a man discovered bare human-like footprints in the snow walking along the tracks.   

1992, between Altoona and Gallitzin

A woman driving on route 22 after dark, witnesses a creature run across route 22 in front of her car, jump a guardrail and drop down an embankment. The creature was a smaller creature standing about 5 foot tall covered in dark colored hair. 

1988, Elk State Forest, Sinnemahoning

Three campers were trying to find the road where they parked their vehicle. One of them found the road and was standing on it when he looked into the woods and saw a shadowy creature following his two friends. He yelled to his friends, the creature then stopped and turned to look at the camper on the road. The camper on the road looked at his friends to see how they were doing and when he turned back to look at the creature it was gone. This sighting occurred in the daytime. There was only one creature, approximately 7 feet tall, and it was about 200 yards away from the camper on the road. The creature was dark in color, had arms to its knee area, with a round head. The camper couldn't make out any facial details. It appeared to have no neck and was walking with a loping manner, hunched over at the upper back. - Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson


Summer of 1980, near Seanor Road in Paint Township:

Several young men were hanging out near a strip-mined area.  While there they witnessed a dark-colored figure walking on two legs from their left to right at the edge of a grove of pine trees.  They could see long arms hanging past its knees as it walked.  The figure stood about 7 to 8 feet tall.

1976, Ebensburg

Children playing near Cambria County Fairgrounds witness an orange/brown colored creature from about 100 yards away. The creature was leaning against a tree. One boy shot at it with a pellet gun and the children fled to the safety of their grandmother’s home nearby.

1975 Dunlo PA:
Near the Coony Bros Strip Mine, two boys claim they see a 7 to 8-foot tall creature cross the trail in front of them.  The boys fled the area. 


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