Butler County

September 13, 2013, at Kohlmeyer Corner:

Witness had parked his car in a Game Lands parking area and had walked about a ½ mile down a trail to an open spot where he has posted up to hunt in the past. After being there for a short while, he had an uneasy feeling come over him and decided to walk back to the car early. At about 150 yds from the car, he could hear something paralleling him (but also trailing somewhat behind him) off to his left side, approximately 20 yards into the woods. He could hear it following along as he continued towards the car at a faster pace. When he reached the parking area and was standing near his car trunk, the creature let out an “extremely loud, female-sounding scream”. He then saw the outline of it, as it stepped towards him (it was just on the edge of the woods, but not out into the parking area). He pointed in the general direction (not really aiming) and shot three, 12 gauge slugs at it. Note- this is his normal ammo choice when doing this type of hunting. The distance was about 16 yards. The creature then let out a different type howl on the second or third shot; after a potential hit, then the creature turned and ran into the woods. The witness then ran through the parking area towards where it was running and fired two more rounds in the general direction. He then quickly went back to the car and left, as he had emptied his gun.


2011, Cornplater Rd, near Cabot:
While stopping in the woods take a break from riding his dirt bike, a man witnesses a large dark figure he first thinks is a bear on two legs. After watching it for a few seconds, he states it walked like a human and he knew it was not a bear. The creature stood about 9 feet tall and he estimated the weight at 500 lbs.  

March 2010, Midnight, Slippery Rock Gorge Trail, McConnells Mills State Park, near Route 422
While night hiking in a remote section of the park, three people heard noise in the woods and assumed it was a raccoon or other common animal and ignored it. As they continued to hike, the sounds got louder and closer. Not long after the three people had rocks, thick bark is thrown near them, but not directly at them.  This went on for 20 to 30 minutes as they continued to hike. Eventually, the object throwing stopped. The people hiked a bit longer and decided to turn around and head back. On the way back, the object throwing began again.  One of the men pulled out a knife and yelled at the unseen assailant. A rock flew very close to his head shortly after that. Whatever was throwing the objects and moving around in the woods that night followed the people back to the trailhead before stopping. The people never did see what or who was responsible for the object throwing but were certain it was not a person.

December 15, 2008, Butler:
Two men hunting witnessed a creature drinking from the creek. The creature suddenly stopped drinking and sniffed the air.  The creature let out a loud roar before running off quickly into the forest. They described the creature as being over 7 foot tall, weighing over 500 lbs and covered in reddish brown hair. They also described a strong sulfur smell. 

November 3, 2008, 4:30 pm on Route 120, near Emporium
Driving home from his fathers camp, a man and his girlfriend at the time came around a bend in the road near the Emporium Hardwoods when they saw something big come down the bank by the road.  The man was just about to point out to his girlfriend to look at a bear when the creature got to the bottom of the bank of the road, stood up and ran like a man with perfect stride.  The man stopped the car and got out to look but no longer saw the creature. He described the creature as covered in black hair, standing 7 feet tall and weighed close to 250 to 300 lbs. Tracks were found and measured 15 to 17 inches long. There was a foul odor of rotting animal in the air. 

October 2007, Parker:
Two men riding ATV’s stopped for a break hear loud crashing in the woods. There were loud moaning sounds coming from the surrounding woods. Rocks were thrown at them. They observed a large creature covered in brown hair standing on two legs. The creature let out a roaring sound before running off into the woods.  A few weeks later at the entrance to the game lands, the same two men claim to have been sitting on a single lane bridge near the game lands.  They heard splashing in the creek below.  They expected to see a herd of deer, but instead see what they believe to be the same creature.  It crossed the creek below them, walked up against the embankment and disappeared out of sight.  Upon returning the next day, they find large impressions in the creek embankment and a pile of large animal fecal matter that had remnants of berries, animal hair, and bones.  After their two sightings, the two men claim they have spoken to others in the area who have also had sightings.

April 2004, Fennelton

Family reports to the PBS/PRO unusual vocalizations on their property and unknown animals moving around the forests at night. They state that the strange activity has occurred since 1997 when the family moved in. On three different occasions, hunters on the property were growled and roared at, then charged forcing the hunters to flee the property. 

Summer of 1993, Evans City: 
While camping several individuals heard rustling in the brush and woods around their campfire. They heard a large crash and decided to go into the cottage they were staying at.  While the two men were putting out the campfire, they saw a large a hairy man-like creature standing 20 feet away. They shone a flashlight on it and saw the creature was huge, with bright red reflective eyes. The hunched over creature ran off into the woods.—1977, near Prospect. Just after midnight while driving home from her parents, a woman watches a tall hear covered creature walk slowly in front of her car. The creature never looked at her, continued across the roadway and out of sight.

February 1975, Mars

A railroad tunnel near Mars had collapsed and mysterious 3-toed footprints were found in the area. No creature was sighted. Several witnesses reported that large beams had been moved around on occasion. -Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon


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