Blair County

October 17, 2014, East Freedom:
While fishing alone, a man was being watched by a large dark shadowy figure behind a tree. After yelling out & being aware of its presence, he ran to his car, not returning. The figure also made loud crashing sounds as it ran to the bushes.


September 4, 2009, 11 PM Seldom Seen Road, near Loop Mountain:
While driving home from Loop Mountain over a rise in the road, a male witness claims he saw what looked like what reminded him of a gorilla.  The creature was estimated to be about 6 ½ to 7 feet tall. The color was a darker color; brown or black, I'm not sure, it was dark.  Weight was probably 225-250 LBS.  Only saw the creature for a few seconds before driving by.

Summer of 2008, on Bellwood Road near I-99:
While driving on the Bellwood Road, a 7-foot tall hair covered creature ran across the road in front of the car, almost being struck and continued up the embankment and out of sight. 

May 9, 2009, Woponosock Mountain, near Juniata Gap Rd, Altoona:
Turkey Hunter sees a human-like creature walking away from him at approximately 75 yards.  He describes the creature as 7-foot tall weighing 300 to 400 lbs, covered in reddish brown hair and walking hunched over.  The creature walked away into the thick brush.

October 14, 2007, outside of Altoona:
While hiking with their dog, two men see a large ape-like creature.   The men quickly flee the area.  The creature is described as over nine and a half feet tall, weighing over 600 lbs and covered in amber colored hair.  Unconfirmed report.

October 5, 2005, near Hollidaysburg:
Walking home from school a teenage boy claims an almond colored 7-foot tall creature charged out of the woods towards him than turned and ran back into the woods.  No other description is given. 

Summer of 1967, near Bennington:
It was around 9:00 pm during a summer night while driving on Sugar Run Road near Bennington PA, three teenage witnesses saw a tall creature covered in brown hair run in front of their car.  The male slammed on the breaks and the creature placed its hands on the hood of the car and then ran off into the woods.  At that time the male witness who reported this was 17 years old and had never heard of Bigfoot before.

December of Unknown Year, outside of Altoona:
During an afternoon hike in a wooded area near I-91, Three boys heard a rustling noise, then a distant howl they described sounding like a fire siren  As they continued to hike, a rock was thrown at one of the boys.  They then saw a large 8 foot tall black colored figure run by them very quickly.  The boys did not get a good look at it but assumed it was a Bigfoot.  They guessed the figure weighed approximately 400 to 500 lbs because of its size.  They also noticed a very foul odor in the air. 


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