Berks County

November 10, 2007, Shartlesville
Three men grouse hunting were walking back to their car when a Bigfoot exited the woods about 50 yards ahead of them. It turned and looked at the men.   The man fired a warning shot at the creature.  It fell over and then got up and ran off into the woods.  Creature described as between 6’11 and 7’ 2 in height, covered in dark brown or black hair.  Skin on the hands and face was black in color.  The arms were longer in length. Hands and feet were proportionate to the size of the creature.  They noticed a musky smell.  

November 2005, Alsace Township
While checking out large rock formations in the area, a woman reported a very bad odor and had a feeling of being watched.   Nothing was sighted.  Unconfirmed report.

June 18, 2005, Mohnton
A man let his dog outside at night.  Dog displayed unusual behavior and walked to the tree line behind the house.  The man witnessed an object thrown from the woods and dog caught it.  The man claimed it was a half eaten apple. He also claimed he saw a large ape-like person staring at him from the tree line.

March 19, 2005, Oley Township Reading:
While driving in, Oley Township two men sighted a dark colored creature cross the road in three steps in front of their car.  It then stepped over a median divider before disappearing down an embankment. The creature was described as 7 foot tall, weighing 450 lbs.  It was covered in dark brown or black hair. The report could not be confirmed

February 1991, Top of Blue Mountain on the Appalachian Trail, State Game Land #110

During grouse hunting, a man saw a dark creature running up a trail towards. There was at least a foot of snow on the ground, covered with ice. It was very difficult for the man to walk on the trail, and with that, he could not believe someone with running. This creature was not out of breath, nor did it make a sound. Once the creature saw the man, it stopped running, turned and walked away. When the creature turned to look back at the witness, it turned at the torso, just like the creature in the Patterson film. The creature was all black with very long hair. The man could not make out a face through the hair. It was very tall, approximately 7 to 7 1/2 foot and weighed about 400 to 500 pounds. 

September 1988, Helfinstein:
While driving home from friends at 11:00 pm, a man reported creature jump from an embankment onto the roadway.  He only saw the creature from the waist down.  Described as black in color and on two legs.   


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