Bedford County

July 2005, Mid-Afternoon, 5-10 miles West of Breezewood, on the PA Turnpike:
While traveling west on the turnpike, a man pulled off into a rest area that was next to a gated facility, possibly a mine or dump, to stretch his legs  He walked up a pathway that paralleled the turnpike, maybe 100 yards. Something moved in a weed bed (2'-3' high) not more than 25 feet from him. He caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a left shoulder an arm or a front leg covered in a reddish-brown fur. He immediately thought of a black bear and it gave two or three grunts as a warning. He ran down the hill to his car as fast as he could to leave the area.

June 26, 2004, Clearville

Two men walking in a field claim to have witnessed a 9-foot tall creature covered in reddish brown hair walking towards them. Something spooked the creature and it turned and ran up a hill into a cornfield. Also reported were reddish brown hair found on a barbed wire fence, several footprints, and loud vocalizations. 

Fall of 2002, near Burnt Church Road in the State Game Lands near Breezewood:
While Sleeping in her car, a woman was woken around midnight by a noise outside the car  She could make out the shape of what she thought was a huge bear behind her car about 20 feet away next to trees. It was urinating for a very long time and sounded like a farm cow, she watched silently as the "bear" stood straight up and resembled a man. The creature walked a huge circle around her car as if inspecting it for over 45 minutes. The next morning, she returned at daybreak, she found a huge ball of hair in the form of a tree, 25 feet from where she had her car parked. The hair was long, reddish brown, and matted, along with being smelly, like body odor, feces, and urine. 

1984, Bedford

A young boy was delivering newspapers when he sighted a 7-8 foot tall dark hair covered creature walking across a clearcut area. 

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