Beaver County

February 8, 2011, near the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Route 356
At approximately 7:45 AM. A tall, lanky figure is witnessed by a male driving to Chicago prior to entering the Pennsylvania Turnpike off the Rt. 60 Exit Ramp. The witness describes the figure as tall, massive in size and the color of dark tree bark. He first saw it while looking to his left to merge onto the PA Turnpike headed westbound. As he lost sight of it, he backed his vehicle up and saw it again as it took three very large strides and vanished into the tree line. A follow-up investigation occurred on February 12 by Eric Altman and Chris Brinker, then again on February 13 by Brian & Terrie Seech, Dr. Paul G. Johnson, and Fred Saluga.


January 15, 2010around 1:00 AM near Rt. 251 in the Blackhawk Area:  
While investigating what appeared to be large tracks, two young adults claim they sighted a creature peering around from a tree. They could see a head and shoulders. They stated the creature was about 6 to 7 feet tall.  They claim there were two sets of tracks discovered which were 12" X 18" long. 


May 30, 2009, Rt. 30 Raccoon Creek State Park, Early Afternoon
Members of The Center for Unexplained Events received a report of a large humanoid figure standing near a stop sign on a roadway into a state park.  Upon investigation, they discover unusual human-like track in the sand bed in the creek. No other evidence was found.


August 31, 2009, Southern Beaver County:

While teaching their daughter how to drive; parked on a backcountry road, three family members witness a grey hair covered creature standing behind a tree.  They watch the creature disappear down the hillside and out of sight.   


August 2004, near Brady's Run Park:

While letting her dog out for the night, a woman observes a monkey like a face watching her from the treeline behind her home. She also hears unusual vocalizations around the property. 


September 2004, near Brady's Run Park:

Man witnesses a tall hair covered creature running through a wooded area behind his home. 


October 2004, near Pennsylvania Turnpike:

While driving on Route 60, a woman witnesses three tall hair covered creatures walking across a field and into a wooded area. Woman describes different three creatures are different sizes. 


October 9 2002 at 10pm in Raccoon State Park

Two witnesses were camping and as they were sitting around the fire they heard the rustling of leaves, and then saw red eyes outlined with green staring at them. The creature was standing behind a four foot log. No odor was smelled. The next morning the one witness went to where the creature had stood, and from what he estimated the creature stood around 8 foot tall and possibly weighed around 700 pounds. There were no footprints found but they did notice this same morning that two softball size stones had been placed on their picnic table. 


October 23, 2002, roughly 1 to 1:30am, near Hopewell

Some witnesses saw a creature that was possibly a bigfoot along a creek. - Courtesy PA Researchers


December 2001 at 7:37pm: Monaca near Rochester:

The witness saw a big, ugly, hairy, tall, dark colored creature. The creature smelled really bad and walked in a long stride. It weighed around 500 pounds.


Spring of 1994,  Steubenville Pike and Golf Lane, near Paris:
Around 3aman two men were picking up golf balls from the edges of a driving range. They made it in around 100 yards then without notice, this thing ran from left to right with amazing speed across the field. It was only 9 to 10 feet in front of them! It stood right around 8 ft. It ran very quickly, had long arms hung to just above its knees. It swung its arms while it ran. When it hit the brush on the other side of the field it made a loud crashing sound. Needless to say, both my friend and I ran for our lives back to his car leaving both backpacks full of golf balls behind. I could make out it was very dark in color.


Late Autum 1985, near the city of Beaver and Brady's Run Park:

While horseback riding over the crest of a hill-top, and directly under a power line tower, the witness first observed what she thought was a thick wooden post erect in the center of a farm field.  After a few minutes later, the field came into view again and the post was gone. The witness eyes were suddenly drawn to the movement of a creature. It was half walking bent over before lowering its body fully to the ground and crawling across the path in front of her about 200 feet away. It was slowly crawling from her left towards a wooded area to her right. The creature didn't run nor show sign of aggression or fear. It crawled slowly towards the brush without making any sound.   When the creature reached the edge of the corn field it lifted its head up and turned its head towards the witness, paused for a second then it lowered its body down into a shallow ditch and wasn’t seen again.     The witness described the creature as being about five foot tall but could not estimate its height because it wasn't standing completely upright. The guess of the weight was about 100 to 150 lbs. Its body was extremely thin without any visible muscle mass. Body hair covered its entire body except for its hands and feet.  The witness couldn't see the creature's face at a distance of 200 feet. Its skin coloration on the hands and the feet were dark gray, almost black. Its body hair was a dull, dark gray, not glossy, and 3-5" long and straight. Its hands were narrow with long, thin fingers, which is placed flat down on the barren ground (palms down) as it crawled. The abdomen and hip regions were extremely thin and narrow. Our witness could not see any sex organs. The creature's large head seemed to blend into the contours of its shoulders, with no clear indentation of a neck. The chest area was very thick compared to its very narrow abdomen and hip region. The forearms were unusually long compared to the leg length. The creature appeared to be extremely strong and agile in its movements while crawling, movements which would be extremely challenging for any accomplished human athlete to duplicate.


1972-1975 near Hopewell:
Young boys claim the saw a brownish black colored creature eating blueberries. The boys also claimed they discovered large footprints.


Summer 1973, New Sewickley Township:

This information came from a newspaper article. A sighting of a large hairy, gorilla-like creature with glowing red eyes was reported to the police. The police found 18" footprints in the area. -Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon

August 27, 1973, Beaver County

Two girls observed a white 8 foot tall hairy creature with red eyes, carrying a luminescent sphere in its hand. The girls told their father, who went into the woods after the figure. He returned in a daze. The investigators talked to him in 1978 and reported that the event had a profound psychological effect on him. -Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon


November 1973, Industry: A newspaper article reported that A large, hairy creature with glowing green eyes was reported to the police. -Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon


April 1962, 7:30am, Brady's Run Park:

As the witness was fishing, about 30 to 40 feet away from him stood what he first thought was a very large bear. He then realized that this creature was too massive for a bear, as it stood around 6 foot tall and possibly weighed around 300 pounds. The creature had light brown hair. It just raised its arms and slipped back into the forest. -Courtesy PA Researchers Organization

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