Armstrong County

March 8, 2004, Freeport

A man driving on a back road witnesses a tall hair covered figure standing on the left side of the road. As he approaches within 70 yards of the creature, it crosses the road in three steps, steps over a 3-foot high guardrail without breaking its stride and disappears down an embankment. The man states the face and chest area are lighter colored than the rest of the animal. He also claims he discovered a four-toed footprint on the berm.

May 2000:

On a back country road, a man driving home from work witnessed a bigfoot type creature cross in front of his car and enter the woods. He watches as the creature walks into the woods, and looks back at him. The witness describes the face of that of a Neanderthal.

January 22, 1996, 4:55 PM, Madison Township

This incident occurred along SR1004 and was observed by a State Trooper. The terrain was isolated, wooded and hilly. Nearby there is a stream, some cabins, and railroad tracks. It was a cold and rainy day with snow on the ground. The approximate temperature was 40 degrees. A tall, hairy, bipedal creature stepped out of the woods and stopped briefly, about 20 to 30 feet in front of the vehicle, looking at the approaching vehicle. It then crossed the road in front of the police vehicle and disappeared into a thicket of laurel bushes. The entire incident lasted about 10 seconds. The State Trooper had an excellent view of the creature and it saw him too. There was only one creature and it stood 7 to 8 foot tall. The creature was brown to a dark brown in color with long shaggy dog hair. The hair on its back was the darkest brown. The State Trooper estimated it weighed about 300 to 400 pounds. The creature had kind of a pointy head with a very pronounced forehead. Its face was hairy except near the eyes and the mouth area. It had almond shaped eyes the size of quarters (the witness could not make out the color), a flat nose, a normal mouth area, and the lip area was tight. It stood slightly stooped over with its shoulders dropped and had a barrel-shaped chest. No unusual sounds were heard and no odors were detected. The State Trooper got out of his car and found 6 footprints that had a human shape with 5 toes, measuring 18" x 6". No castings were made and no other evidence was found around the area. -Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson.

Summer 1991: Tarentum

A creature was spotted in the witnesses peripheral vision. It was estimated to be 8 to 9 feet tall with long brownish, silver/grey hair.  The witness shot at it. This sighting was about 1/2 mile into the woods from the witnesses house at dusk. -Courtesy PA Researchers

May 1989 near Logansport, PA:

The witness was walking home late at night around 11:00 pm from a friends house in Logansport along the railroad tracks which lead into Roston and Ford City.  While walking along those tracks the witness began hearing noises behind him as if someone else were walking with him.  After he stopped, he heard a noise which almost sounded like a huffing noise, similar to a horse but almost bear-like.  The witness turned around and in saw a shadowy figure of a person that stood at least 8 feet tall.  The witness stands 6 feet tall so he stated he had a good guess at the height of what I saw.  The witness remembers the eyes that almost seemed silvery, looking at him in a quick glare and remembered the smell of what seemed like a dead animal. He immediately started running and never looked back because he was too afraid.   Being a life long hunter, he knew then it wasn’t a bear. The eyes did seem to be silvery as that was one of the key distinctions he remembered.

1985, near North Vandergrift

When the witness was 10 years old, he and his mother were traveling on Dime Road toward North Vandergrift in Armstrong County. Two hairy creatures crossed in front of their car and stepped over the guardrail, then disappeared. The creatures had black hair with a reddish tint and red eye-shine from the headlights. - Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Bob France

May 1979, Apollo

A tall, hairy creature came out of the woods at night and walked towards a house trailer. Two men shot at it and the creature ran back into the woods. - Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon 

1979, near Apollo

A man pulled into his driveway and saw a huge, black, erect walking creature leaning against a tree. After a few seconds, it retreated into the woods. - Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon

May 1978, Apollo

A witness observed a tall, hairy creature beat heavily on a window air conditioner. After several minutes, it ran into the woods and disappeared. - Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon

October 11, 1977, Cadogan

Several residents were driving on Dutch Hollow Road at night when they observed an 8 1/2 foot tall creature with knee-length arms in a field. It had a cone-shaped head, no neck, broad shoulders, and black hair. After a minute, it disappeared into the woods. - Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon

September 17, 1977, Cadogan

A relative of the sightings from July, August, September 5th and 10th, 1977 in Cadogan, Armstrong County observed a grey-colored creature that walked on two legs with very long strides. The witness estimated the hair on the creature was 3 inches long. -Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon

September 10, 1977, Cadogan

The same witness from the July, August, and September 5th, 1977 sightings in Cadogan, Armstrong County again saw a creature from a distance in the woods behind his house. At the same time, there was UFO activity in the area. -Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon

September 5, 1977: Cadogan

The same witness from the July and August 1977 sightings in Cadogan, Armstrong County was mowing his lawn near dusk when he had a feeling he was being watched. He looked 30 feet into the woods and observed an 8-foot tall figure covered with brown hair. The creature had a cone-shaped head, broad shoulders, and no neck. It appeared to be slightly stooped at the shoulders and was able to hunch down as it moved away from the witness through the pine trees. The witness also detected a sulfur odor. -Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon

September 1977, Cadogan

A resident reported that a strange animal in his area was bothering and mutilating his farm animals. These animals included turkeys, geese, and cows. -Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon

August 1977, Cadogan

The same witness from the July 1977 sighting in Cadogan, Armstrong County again observed a creature from a distance. The witness was still too far away to view any details. -Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon

July 1977, Cadogan: 

A man saw a hairy, bipedal creature at a distance in the woods behind his house. The creature was too far away to see any detail except for the general shape. -Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon

April 1977: Cadogan

While walking in the woods behind his house, a man observed a tall, hairy bi-pedal creature. -Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon

Summer of 1976/1977, Worthington

Two witnesses working on a farm making hay observed a 7 to 8 foot tall watching them. The creature walked on two legs and did not make any noise or threatening gestures. Later strange howls, cries or moans were heard. In the same area, there are old caves, mines, and very thick thickets. -Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon 

Fall 1976, Cadogan

A hunter walking through huge thickets bumped into a "bigfoot creature". Both the witness and the creature turned and ran in opposite directions. -Courtesy of Dr. Paul Johnson and Stan Gordon

September 1968, near Ford City:

A group of people was walking through the woods at night when they sighted what they felt was a large gorilla man.  The creature stood over 7 foot tall, bigger than a large man. The creature was covered in long hair.  The arms were large and long, and it had a large head which was proportioned to the rest of the body. 



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